As we are all interested to know what's best to do and use in our sport, we have asked a number of triathletes, of all abilities, a little bit about themselves, what they find works for them and for any tri tips to share.  

The page has been dormant for a while and we are now reviving it due to popular demand.  

Our 2013 contributors so far: Anna, Luke, Tim, Bin, Cath, Ashan, Derek and Jo.
Previous contributors: Russell, Robyn, Luke McKenzie, Nikki, Justin, Ryoko, Matty White, Bin, Damo, Belinda Granger, Emma, Kelly, Simon Thompson, Graeme, Grant, Fredrick Croneborg, JM, Charlotte McShane, Rob, Gina Crawford, Penny, Ali Fitch, Brad Beven, Dave, Louise, Luke Bell, Steve, Tim Beardall, Big Simon, Ronnie, Justin Granger, Marcus, Karen, Tim, Berky, Freddy Lampret, Glen, Peta,  Michelle Wu, Tim Berkel, Mitch Anderson, Derek, Kate, Courtney Atkinson, Daniel, Ben, Haydn, Kylie, Paul Mackay, John, Ashan, Simon, Helen, Amy, Renee, Matt, Mike, Nathan and Anna have all shared their answers with us. 


 Q A
When/where was your first triathlon?2010 Fernwood All Girls Tri, Darwin
Did you enjoy it? I enjoyed the feeling of achievement afterwards!
Bike Cannondale Slice, blue and white
Bike Shoes Louis Garneau
Helmet Conventional MET 
Race Wheels Zipp 404s 
Sunglasses Oakley Radars 
Running ShoesNew Balance
Racing Flats Asics 
Wetsuit Blue Seventy, no sleeves 
Tri gear I wearSOAS 
Tri gear on your wish list Power meter 
Training/racing nutrition I keep it mainly liquid, I can't stomach solid good when in motion! 
Favourite race/why? Each race is different, and there are always bits I love and bits I loathe so I can't pick a favourite ... probably the last race I did 
Biggest tri mistake? Taking it all too seriously 
Any other tri tips or hints? Enjoy it and embrace the moment. 

Anna racks the Cannondale ....

Photo: Lucy


 Q A
When/where was your first triathlon?2009 Super sprint tri, Melbourne
Did you enjoy it? Every part except the swim (some things have not changed) 
Bike/s2010 Giant TCR Advanced SL1
2011 Giant XTC 29er
2011 Felt B10 Tri
2013 Cervelo R5 
Bike Shoes Louis Garneau Tri and Road shoes 
Helmet Louis Garneau 
Race Wheels Don't go that fast yet so not needed 
Training Tyres Continental GP4000s 
SunglassesOakley Radars 
Running Shoes Asics DS trainers 
Racing FlatsAsics DS Racers 
Wetsuit Blue Seventy Sprint long sleeve
Tri gear I wear  Cannibal club uniform, for the long stuff Skins top and bottom - super comfy 
Tri gear on your wish list? Specialized S-Works Shiv 9070 Di2, Enve Wheelset,
Scott Split helmet 
Training/Racing NutritionAny nutrition that makes me get to the end 
Favourite race/why? Lake Bennett for Long Course and Club Champs. I just like racing there. 
Biggest tri mistake so far? Pushing way to hard and not listening to my body during IM Melbourne, my first IM. 
Any other tri tips or hints? Do what the coach says and remember it on race day! 

Luke on his Felt


 Q A
When/where was your first triathlon? 2010 Lake Alexander Darwin
Bike Cervelo P2, Focus Izlco 
Bike ShoesShimano 
Race Wheels Zipp 404 and 808 
Training TyresContinental
Training/Racing Nutrition Rice, chicken, oats, chocolate Gu and coffee 
Sunglasses I"m still convinced they won't make me go faster so I stick to $2.50 Bali sunnies 
Running Shoes Asics 
Racing Flats Asics 
Wetsuit Blue Seventy 
Tri gear I wear Whatever is on sale 
Tri gear on your wish list HUUB wetsuit, P5, disc wheel 
Which is your favourite race? Why? Bali International Triathlon - Olympic distance - because of the beautiful location 
Biggest tri mistake so far? Spending too much time training and not enough time with my beautiful girl Nok.  I've learnt that missing the odd session to spend time with the ones you love will make you a stronger athlete. 
Any other tri tips or hints?Practise doesn't make perfect, perfect practise makes acceptable. 

Tim would love a P5 just like this ....


 Q A
 When/where was  your first triathlon?2006 Lake Alexander Darwin 
 BikeTrek Madone 6 series road bike
Giant 29er mountain bike 
 Bike ShoesShimano 
 Race Wheels Bontrager Aeolus 5 (front)
Bontrager Aeolus 7 (back) 
 Training TyresContinental 
 Training/racing  Nutrition Banana, white bread, honey for breakfast
Gatorade, gu's mixed (any brand)
 SunglassesPrescription Rudy Project - training
Bolle (cheap n nasty) tinted safety glasses for racing (really light) 
 Running Shoes
Saucony - training 
 Racing FlatsZoots 
 WetsuitOrca 380 
 Tri gear I wearCannibal, Orca, Blue Seventy 
 Tri gear on your wish  listTT Bike
 Which race is your  favourite? Why?Hawaii 70.3 & Mooloolaba 70.3
Fabulous locations and it's all about the destination
 Biggest tri mistake so  far?Leaving swim skin on after the swim leg of the Lake Bennett long course
 Any other tri tips or  hints? Don't worry if you can't sleep the night before a race - you will be fine for race day. 
 Bin behind her  sunnies



 Q A
When/where was your first triathlon?  Robina (Qld) 300/15/4 September 2012
Bike TT Trek - very recent purchase
 Merida road bike - although I'm not sure how much use this bike will get now
Bike Shoes  Shimano SH-WT51
Helmet  Cyclone
Race Wheels  Matt King Special - Carbon 5mm
Training tyres Bontrager
Training/racing Nutrition  Science in Sports Isotonic Gel
 Dextro Energy - Dextrose tablets
Sunglasses  Dirty Dog 
Running Shoes  Mizuno or Asics
Racing Flats  Adidas Adizero
Wetsuit Blue Seventy Pivott
Tri Gear I wear  2XU
Tri Gear on your wish list Aerodynamic helmet maybe? 
Which race is your favourite? Why? Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast - really enjoy longer events and race like this you can really get in and enjoy each leg. 
Biggest tri mistake so far? Not opening my shoes up enough to easily slip into them.  And because I was trying this for the first time in a race, wasn't quite prepared for what I had to do.  I managed to get one foot in but had to stop & to open the velcro on the other shoe so I could easily slip into it.  I suppose this is what can happen when you are trying something new for the first time in a race. 
Any other tips, hints? To work out the right nutrition for yourself is something I think is very important to do and once you get it right it really helps the whole race. 
Cath in her 2XU


 Q A
When/where was your first triathlon?Katherine Mini Triathlon - I remember being first out of the water, then being overtaken by everyone on the work-provided mountain bike from ToyWorld.  Fell in love with the sport after that.
Bike Cervelo P2 Ultegra - a great bike but I would love an upgrade in the future 
Bike ShoesShimano TR51 - probably nearing the end of their shelf life 
Helmet Training - Lazer O2; Racing - currently own a Lazer Tardiz for racing, but this needs replacing after a crash racing ... thinking a Kask K31 Chrono might make a fine replacement. 
Race Wheels A friend of mine custom-built a pair of 50mm carbon wheels as a project, love them.  They have Schwalbe ZD HD tyres on them. 
Training tyresContinental Gatorskins 
Training/racing Nutrition I was a long time fan of Gu until some stomach issues in Busselton 70.3 made me re-think my nutrition strategy.  I've converted to Endura gels and not looking back.  Staminade powder is a cheap electrolyte drink which seems to work for me.
Sunglasses A pair of cheap DHB glasses from Wiggle - $30 for 3 lenses, bargain! 
Running Shoes I alternate training shoes between Asics Gel DS Racer (for long runs) and Asics Gel Hyperspeed (speed work, long intervals).  I really like the lighter, less supportive shoe and have noticed a huge difference in my run technique and speed (although more time is spent on the roller for my tight calves!) 
Racing Flats Asics Gel Hyperspeed
Wetsuit Blue Seventy Rector sleeveless - I need the shoulder range of the sleeveless, but it sure does get cold if you're not moving. 
Tri gear I wear Orca Kompress 226 2 piece 
Tri gear on your Wish List Everything! To start:
New bike (would love a P5 Six)
New aero helmet
Disc, deep dish front wheel
although I'm getting married next year (and trying to save money) and purchase of these items would likely lead to not having the wedding ....
Which race is your favourite & why? Hard to say.  I've loved every 70.3 I've done for different reasons.
Sri Lanka 2012 would be the top thought as it was my first half, in my home country, and now no longer running.  The experience of negotiating Colombo traffic, the bewilderment of locals as to what the hell was happening, and my dad coming over to watch is something that just doesn't happen at every race. 
Biggest tri mistake so far? Running up the back of another competitor during a local TriSeries race here in WA.  I wasn't paying enough attention as I looked down to grab my drink bottle, looked up and was a metre from a girl on a mountain bike - had nowhere to go other than into her back wheel.  Fortunately we were both ok, but I was devastated to ruin another person's race.  Safe to say I won't be making the same mistake again. 
Any tri tips, hints? Stretch frequently.  Buy a foam roller. Both keep you on the track!
Ashan's foam roller keeps him on the track!



When/where was your first triathlon?My first serious triathlon was Singapore 70.3 in 2012
Bike For training I have a Fondriest Domino Plus - she is a poor dear who cops all the training abuse.
I race on a Cervelo P5 - whoosh
Bike shoes Northwave tribute
Helmet Training - Lazer O2; Racing - Lazer Tardiz
Race wheels HED Stingers
HED Stinger 7 on the front, HED Stinger 8 on the back.  I also have a Dyma wheel cover to convert my back wheel into a disc.
Training tyres The indestructible Conti Gatorskins
Race nutrition This is something I play with, but currently I stick mostly with gels and water.
Sunglasses Northwave Blade - I like Northwave stuff, plus they were cheap
Running shoesAsics Evolution - the heaviest, most stable shoe in the world - courtesy of a stress fracture
Racing flats Asics 3000. Not flats but about as close as my shins have let me get
Wetsuit Xterra Vortex
Tri Gear I wearBlue Seventy and 2XU 
Tri gear on your wish list Garmin Vector pedals
Preferred training & racing nutrition As above
Which race is your favourite? Why? Tough one. Albany Half I think.  Very low key race that is run pretty well by a good bunch of people.  Tough but fair course that also manages to be pretty as well.
Biggest tri mistake so far? A few to choose from: Getting the nutrition/hydration mix wrong and collapsing on the line of the Singapore 70.3; fiddling with my brakes right before racking my bike at the Cairns 70.3 and creating a fault that would have disabled my bike the first time I hit the brakes and which I then only discovered by accident; training sick/injured.
Any tri tips, hints? Tip 1:  Get a good set of hex/allen keys, a good pedal spanner and a chain cleaner.
Tip 2:  Maintain your bike

Derek is usually at the pointy end of his races, 
here he is on his "whoosh" bike


When/where was your first triathlon?Waterfront aquathlon (OK not a triathlon), Darwin November 2011 
Bike Giant 
Bike shoes Shimano ladies tri bike shoes
Helmet Specialized, lightweight & comfy 
Race wheels 
Training tyres Schwalbe.  I use slicks for training and racing - I find that Schwalbe tyres wear well 
Race nutrition Capillano honey shots.  I can't stomach gels! 
Sunglasses Cheap ones from the Servo - I'm always dropping them 
Running shoesAsics and recently Mizuno 
Racing flats -
Wetsuit Blue Seventy reaction sleeveless 
Tri Gear I wearClub (Cannibal) and Pearl Izumi 
Tri gear on your wish list Race wheels (Zipps), new bike shoes (same brand as I have now - Shimano) 
Preferred training & racing nutrition Honey shots, fruit bars, bananas, rehydration salts eg Endura 
Which race is your favourite? Why? Sprint distance - short & snappy! 
Biggest tri mistake so far? Not stretching my hamstrings when they're tight before a big run off the bike! 
Any tri tips, hints? Keep hydrated and fed.  Sleep well before big training and racing sessions 

Here's Jo in her super
comfy lightweight
Specialized helmet, fuelled by honeyshots!


Anna rocketed to tri fame at the 2010 Fernwood All Girls Tri and is now on take two of her tri journey following the birth of baby number two in 2011.  Her light hearted tri tricks & tips follow:  

Bike Shoes Shimano WT51 
Helmet Conventional - MET 
Wheels Came with the bike.  Slow revolving ... suspect that they need an engine upgrade 
Tyres Came with the bike .. I still haven't had to change them as they have an embarrassingly small amount of mileage on them 
Sunglasses Oakley Radars - chosen by Steve 
Running Shoes Asics DS Trainer - chosen by Steve 
Racing Flats Ideally, as I'm not very good on hills 
Goggles  Zoggs Predator - chosen by Steve 
Wetsuit Not needed one yet, but this will no doubt be chosen by Steve 
Tri gear I wear .. 2XU trisuit - bought by Steve 
Tri gear on my wish list ..Time Trial bike ... as this is a wish list I shall add that it would be bought by Steve  
I wouldn't go to a race without .. A pep talk from Steve 
Best tri advice ..Just keep moving forward  
Biggest tri mistake .. Managing to sustain an embarrassing, private injury by falling off a stationary bike and sliding down the side of a parked car outside the Beachfront Hotel 
Favourite Race Fernwood All Girls Tri 2010 - my first race and the start of it all  
Any others tips or hints ...Learn about tri gear and equipment yourself so you don't need to rely on Steve to get it all 

Anna looks pretty good in her tri gear chosen by Steve ... 



Nathan is a recent convert to the sport of triathlon.  He is on a steep learning curve and certainly looks the part.  He shares his tricks and tips below: 

Item Description 
BikeAfter a recent mishap (hitting a car and destroying my bike), a holiday to the Gold Coast saw me returning with a new bike - Fuji D6 Pro
Bike Shoes White and red ones 
Helmet Orbea something 
Wheels Reynolds Strike 
Tyres Black and white ones which came with the wheels and the bike
Sunglasses Too many Oakleys.  They are my one weakness, however at present Oakley custom Jawbones 
Running Shoes Brooks Adrenaline 
Racing Flats Asics Noosa (the colour makes you run faster) 
Goggles Speedo Vanquish  
Wetsuit One the wife bought, have not used it yet but sure I will soon 
Tri gear I wear ... Black BSC suit, and the ADSTA one sometimes 
Tri gear on my wish list .. New X-labs rear bottle holder 
I wouldn't go to a race without .. Going to the toilet 
Best tri advice ... Have fun, it is only as serious as you make it 
Biggest tri mistake .. Being new to the sport, I haven't made any yet that I know of, however I'm sure that one is bound to happen soon 
Favourite race .. So far I have only competed in club events, but the reverse order was pretty fun and different 
Nathan is loving all things tri ...



Mike is another living life at a million miles an hour.  He fits triathlon in between family and work commitments.  His take on tri gear is refreshing!  Thanks for sharing below: 

BikeApollo Giro C for training; Felt B2 for racing 
Bike Shoes Grey ones with too many straps 
Helmet Red and white one 
Wheels Training wheels, no fancy ones.  Eastons and Shimano r500s 
Tyres Schwalbe durano.  Happy to cop a little extra weight for puncture protection 
Sunglasses Oakely half jacket 
Running Shoes Red Asics with no fancy lackey laces 
Racings flats Saving for Noosas 
Goggles Red Spiderman goggles
Wetsuit 2XU elite.  Fits like a glove but needs a stretch around my wide neck.  Tried to choke me once. 
Tri gear I wear .. Black one piece or club strip 
Tri gear on my wish list .. Fancy bike bits, lackey laced flats anything shiny/lairy coloured 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Cash for nutella and banana crepes at the markets afterwards 
Best tri advice ... Nutrition plan! Expensive toys don't make up for not having trained enough 
Biggest tri mistake .. More like a litany of them!  Weetbix and milk before the race, poor race prep and crap hydration results in a slow bike and very cramped half marathon at my first (and so far, only) half ironman. 
Favourite race Thus far Port Mac 2010.  Looking forward to the Cairns course along the tropical coastline 
Any other tips and hints? Have fun and run your own race 

Not all his half marathons have been cramped ...


Matt started life as a tri-dabbler but since relocating to Oman & being coached by Daz, has taken up triathlon more seriously. He'll even more experienced by the time he completes his first IM in Europe later this year. 

Bike An orange and black 2007 Giant Trinity or as I like to call it - "The Flying Brick"
Bike Shoes Shimano 
Helmet Stock standard helmet for everyday training but recently purchased a Lazer Tardis aero helmet for racing. 
WheelsMavics for training and Zipp 606 tubulars for racing 
TyresZipp tangents 
Sunglasses Oakley Radar XLs - best glasses I have had for triathlon 
Running Shoes Asics DS Trainers
Racing Flats I don't think I am the racing flats level yet  
Goggles Whatever I have that doesn't leak, although I wouldn't mind some of those Aquasphere Kayennes 
Wetsuit Orca S2.  Great purpchase - talk about free speed! 
Tri gear I wear .. 2XU - it does what it says on the tin 
Tri gear on my wish list ..Cervelo P5 
I wouldn't go to a race without .. Having breakfast, coffee and a "comfort break".  There's northing worse than queuing up for the toilet 10 minutes before your wave start! 
Best tri advice .. Enjoy your achievements, but do it for the fun.  If you are going to do longer events like 70.3's or IM's, involve your family in the training, planning and travelling.  It's crucial to have their support. 
Biggest tri mistake .. How long have you got?  Falling off my bike at traffic lights (multiple times) because I forgot to unclip my cleats, wearing worn out, transparent bike shorts on training rides, forgetting to put my helmet on while riding through downtown ABu Dhabi, running out of water on a 130km training ride with 50km to the nearest tap (that happened recently) .. the list goes on and on! 
Favourite RaceAny race I haven't done in a place I haven't been too.  Escape from Alcatraz looks pretty cool to me at the moment. 
Any other tips or hints? Whatever you do, don't listen to me.  I have no idea what I am doing! 

Matt enjoys an "away" race. Here he is competing in Bali


Laments the fact that she didn't get started in the sport much, much earlier.  She is making up for it now though and well on the way to doing her first long distance event.

 Item Description
 BikeOrbea Aqua Dama TTG.  It was a necessary upgrade after my $200 gumtree bargain frame started falling apart during a service.  Given other people's love of upgrading, I plan to make it the only new bike I ever buy. 
Bike Shoes DMT's that I bough in Italy on sale.  My first pair of clip-in shoes.  They were cheap and remind me of my holiday to Italy 
Helmet My most important piece of equipment given my propensity to fall off the bike (usually while stationary) 
Wheels What came on my bike 
TyresGatorskin continentals 
Sunglasses To be replaced after leaving last pair at the pub  
Running Shoes Whatever is on sale at Wiggle in the Asics range.  I like the Trail and Trabuco lines because they feel nice and stable, and I worry about rolling my ankles 
Racing flats My newest pair of shoes 
Goggles Zoggs from the pool  
WetsuitWill definitely need one, as I find water under 28C cold 
Tri gear I wear .. Just purchased Jaggad two piece and one piece from the bargain bin. So far so good. 
Tri gear on my wish list ..Sunglasses, wetsuit and a water bottle that doesn't let itself be left behind at the pool 
I wouldn't go to a race without .. Having a coffee 
Best tri advice ..Don't wait 10 years to get started.  Triathlon is something I have wanted to do since high school, but I was always too worried that I couldn't run, would look silly, or just bomb out.  Since starting I have realized that there is nothing to be afraid of, and that the satisfaction from training and finishing a race competently can't be beat. 
Biggest tri mistake .. Fortunately it is still ahead of me!  I'm pretty sure it will involve leaving some crucial equipment at home on race day. 
Favourite Race  Cairns 2.80.20 will bemy first big race, but this year's NT Sprint Championships were great.  Anything that involves scenery along East Point and end with coffee and a bacon and egg sandwich is great in my book.  
Any other tips or hints?The conditions "I can't swim" and "I can't run" are treatable by perseverance 

Renee is happy to find that swimming and running are now getting easier ...



Amy's transformation from a "bit of a jogger" to a "real" triathlete has been a delight to watch.  Always positive and with a tenacious will (who else would have done the Long Course on a hybrid) her tips reflect her love of the sport & they follow: 

 BikeAfter a long time on my Giant Elwood se hybrid (Slim), I took the big step, emptied my bank account & got a Cervelo P2 (Cecil).  Now the thought of going back to the hybrid frightens me.  I am unsure of how I did go kart track hills on that thing.  I sometimes think I should have upgraded sooner but I don't think I would appreciate the change to Cecil as much.  
 Bike ShoesShimano TR70s 
 HelmetA dodgy hand me down.  I want to upgrade but would prefer to spend my money on shoes 
Wheels Easton circuit 
TyresVittoria Rubino PRO Slick  
Sunglasses Oakley sports & Oakley Jawbones.  Black & Red ... ebay bargain !  Without ebay I swear we would all be half naked at events ! 
Running Shoes Asics Gel Cumulus 13.  I am soon going to invest in a pair of Nike Free Run 2's 
Racing flats Asics DS - Sky Speed 2 .. they were lime green so I had to buy them.  The brighter they are, the faster they go! (I wish) 
Goggles Aqua Sphere Vista - they cover more of the face, and are supposed to stop the post swim goggle eyes, but some mornings they leak so I revert back to the trusty Speedos. 
Wetsuit Using a hand me down at the moment
Tri gear I wear .. Currently, my favourite is a Zoot 1 piece.  It is the best suit I've ever worn .. so comfortable!  Plus it was an absolute bargain. 
Tri gear on my wish list .. A magical tri suit that is flattering ha ha! 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... doing at least two nervous wee's 
Best tri advice ...Always do your best, that way you cannot have regrets later 
Biggest tri mistake ..I cannot think of anything I've done that has affect my tri race.  I think I have been pretty lucky!  I'm bound to mess up sometime soon and I guarantee everyone will know about it! 
Favourite race .. The Enduro Tri !  I love seeing people going everywhere & not being able to tell which stage everyone is at.  I love that everyone has their strengths and weakesses - it makes the races so much fun !
Any other tips or hints? Be patient with training.  Everything takes time and as long as you are consistent in your training you will see steady improvements.  Have fun with everything you do and always try to be positive.  Positive people are happy people ! 

A very positive Amy in her favourite Zoot tri suit ..




Helen will soon be on the start line for her very first 70.3 event. Her long distance race inexperience leads to some very refreshing answers when it comes to her tri tips.  Thanks Helen.

 Item Description 
BikeArgon 18 Krypton road bike
Bike shoesPear Izumi
Helmet Cheap one from ToyWorld but I hope to have Simon's hand me down soon! 
Wheels Whatever came with the bike 
Tyres Ditto 
Sunglasses Oakley black ... Phuket special but the lady assured me they are real 
Running shoesBrooks Trance 
Racing flatsNil 
Goggles Predators ... also the best Kris Kringle present ever 
Wetsuit Not yet but will be getting one for Busso 
Tri gear I wear .. Pearl Izumi shorts and 2XU tri top 
Tri gear on my wish list ..A bike that fits properly, a super small one 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Knowing where the toilets are ... oh the nerves! 
Best tri advice ..Make sure you have time to stop and look at the scenery  
Biggest tri mistake .. Signing up for Sri Lanka 70.3 six weeks before the event when the longest distance I have done the sprint distance at local Katherine tri's. 
Favourite race.. Sri Lank 70.3 ... I'm hoping 
Any other tips or hints?Listen to Daryl .. he seems to know what he is taking about. 

Helen is making the giant leap from Sprint Distance to 70.3 .....



It hasn't taken Simon long to adapt fully to the triathlon style of life.  He has Phuket 70.3 under his belt now and has Sri Lanka and others in his sights.  His advice follows: 

BikeCervelo P3 and a Suzuki GSXR for when I want to go a bit faster 
Bike Shoes Shimano white ones that have been around for a while now 
Helmet Met blue and silver, pretty comfy, makes a lot of noise in the wind.  Not quite ready to go aero just yet, but peer group pressure is getting to me.
Wheels Shimano dura ace C24 clinchers (very handy in Phuket) and just recently acquired some hand made 50mm carbon wheels that are untested but they will get their first rev in Sri Lanka 
Tyres Continental on the Shimano wheels and Michellins on the carbon wheels 
Sunglasses Imitation Oakleys thanks to great bargaining in Phuket
Running Shoes Currently Saucony Kinvara but knowing me, likely to change soon  
Racing Flats Not yet 
Goggles On race day I always go with the trusty clear lense Speedos 
Wetsuit One with lots of air cells in it (forgot the brand name) - never swam better in my life.  Hardest thing ever to take off though.  Due to wear and tear probably going to have to upgrade for Busselton. 
Tri gear I wear ... 2XU 2 piece and Rocket Science one piece.  Kind of prefer the 2 piece at the moment. 
Tri gear on my wish list ... If I keep travelling outside Katherine to do triathlon then I think a bike bag is not far from the top of the list 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Thinking at least once ... what the hell am I doing ?? 
Best tri advice ... It's not a sport, it's a lifestyle 
Biggest tri mistake ...Leading on the bike leg, turned down the wrong street, not leading on the bike leg anymore.  Now I always make sure I listen to the race briefing. 
Favourite race 2011 Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific at Phuket.  Wild, wet and the hills, good fun!
Any other tips or hints? Always choose your event location wisely so you can cash in on the holiday you so deserve afterwards 

Simon recommends holiday mode immediately after events ....


Ashan might only be training for his first triathlon goal event, but he has a long history in swim & run.  His insights are listed below: 

Item Description 
BikeCervelo P2.  I was looking all over the country for a Felt B14 in my size, to no avail, and was offered this instead at an amazing price.  It was love at first sight and haven't looked back since !
Bike Shoes Shimano TR52 
Helmet A cheapish Lazer 02 
Wheels Easton Vista.  A mate is building a set of 50mm aeros for me which I'll hopefully use for my first half ironman 
TyresVittoria Rubino's (they came with the bike) 
Sunglasses Haven't got any ~ it's not like there's much sun in Katherine anyway 
Running Shoes Asics Gel Kayano.  Every six months or so I get a new pair of these - it would take a lot of persuading to get me changing from them
Racing flats Happy to stick with the Kayano's 
Goggles Zoggs - they were the cheapest the local Katherine pool were selling 
Wetsuit Don't own one.  How I see it, if I'm racing any event were wetsuits are allowed, then the water is far too cold for me !
Tri gear I wear ...Orca Tri Suit 
Tri gear on my wish list ... Sunnies 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... ... preparing for it.  You enjoy the sport so much more when you don't want to die half way through it. 
Best tri advice ...  Don't take the swim out too hard.  It's a triathlon, not a swimming race.  There's not a lot to gain by swimming 30s quicker and having nothing left in the tank for the other two legs.  I've learnt the hard way! 
Biggest tri mistake .. Not starting when I was younger.  I come from a long swimming background and have always run - I should have made the transition to triathlon earlier. 
Favourite Race  I haven't got one yet, triathlon is new to me this year.  Hoping my first 70.3 in Sri Lanka can take this spot.  
Any other tips or hints? Listen to your body.  It's a wonderful machine if you look after it, it falls apart when you don't! 

Ashan is relatively new to tri but he has the swim and run well covered ...


A high flyer, John is pretty new to racing but has put together a useful swag of tri gear and certainly looks the part.  His answers follow here: 

Item  Description
BikeSpecialized Rubaix, a comfortable ride 
Bike Shoes Specialized, they are white and I'm amazed at how clean they still are 
HelmetAlways.  Helps keep the sun off my balding head 
Wheels Mavic Ksyrium 
Tyres Continental, Schwalbe, they all work 
Sunglasses Oakley, used to have Arnette glasses, but they would slide down the nose while running and also fog up a lot.  
Running Shoes Asics, I have tried other brands, but always seem to come back to them. 
Racing Flats It took me awhile to figure this out, but apparently these are shoes and not a level grade of the road, and yes, I have a pair of Asics. 
Wetsuit Haven't worn it yet, but it's a BlueSeventy  
Tri Gear I wear... BlueSeventy, Orca.  I think I like the two piece option 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...I would seem that a bicycle and helmet are mandatory for triathlon 
Tri gear on my wish list ... Maybe a new bicycle.  We'll see how this year's tax return works out. 
Best tri advice ... I'm all ears.  Being new to the three discipline sport, I have limited advice to give, but don't tie up the drawstring on your tri pants too tight comes to mind.
Biggest tri mistake ... Tying the drawstring on my tri pants up too tight  
Favourite race .. Don't have one just yet, I've only competed in a small number of club races so far. 
Any other tips or hints? You will have fun.  As well as a sport, triathlon is an addiction.  
John's on a steep tri learning curve but has all the necessary gear to look the part ...  


Paul Mackay

WA legend Paul has a wealth of triathlon experience under his belt. Competing in Europe he once won the Swiss national tri series and won a car for a year !  8th at Busso 70.3 in 4.01 and recently 2nd in the Australia Duathlon Series, Paul was happy to share his gear choices with us.  Thanks Paul. 

 Item  Description
Bike Cannondale Slice
Bike Shoes Shimano TRS1
HelmetLouis Garneau Chrono 
Wheels Mavic Cosmic Carbone 
Running ShoesSaucony - various 
Racing flats Saucony A2 
Goggles View Shinari 
Wetsuit Speedo STRX 
Tri gear I wear ... Cyclemania triathlon race kit 
Tri gear on my wish list .. Power meter 
I wouldn't go to a race without .. A positive attitude
Best tri advice .. Consistent training is the key to success 
Biggest tri mistake .. Arriving to races too late - always get there at least 1 hour before 
Favourite Race ... Busselton 70.3 and Bardolino Triathlon in Italy 
Any other hints or tips? Enjoy yourself 

Paul in action ... 


Endurance Queen Kylie is unstoppable.  With a bent for picking events that test her to the limits the current Tri de 24 hr overall winner shares her thoughts on tri tricks here: 

Bike Kermit (heavy green hand-me-down) was put on the scrap heap after falling apart during an Ironman training ride; Gonzo (silver Lemond) got me through four Ironman races. I recently upgraded to Wally - a red and white Cervelo (P2C maybe?) and acquired a red and black Giant MTB (so far unnamed). 
Bike Shoes Big 
Helmet Hopefully one that works but won't be tested 
Wheels Round ones 
Tyres Also round 
Sunglasses Several for Ironman, one to forget and leave at an aid station after putting on sunscreeen and another to throw away after the sun goes down during the run (although last Ironman I was excited to finish BEFORE the sun went down!). 
Running Shoes Asics 1100 series + orthotics 
Racing Flats Oh yes please, I much prefer a flat race than a hilly one (so I really should review my race choices).  PS No racing flats shoes yet, unless you count my Asics with elastic laces in them? 
Wetsuit One that is way too hot for Darwin 
Tri gear I wear ... Bright stuff that is easy for my support crew to find me in  
Tri gear on my wish list ... A lottery slot to Kona 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...I usually find a bike, helmet, bike shoes, goggles, running shoes, hat, sunscreen, spare tube and pump, Gu and drinks pretty useful.  KFC, coke and beer for recovery, as well as Jacaranda iced coffee if my Queensland support crew is there.
Best tri advice ...Put one foot in front of the other and repeat .... amazing how far that theory can get you.  Train properly - seems to make you go faster and recover better - who would have thought?  Enter the race BEFORE looking at elevation charts, previous race reports or anything else that might discourage you ( ha ha ha - maybe that should go under my biggest tri mistake instead?) 
Biggest tri mistake ... Noosa 2001 - didn't have spares or know how to change a tyre, still finished but had to run 8km of the bike leg.   Thinking Ironman fitness could replace lots of mountain bike experience to through Tour de Timor, turns out it could ... but only just !
Favourite raceProbably Noosa Triathlon as I've been ten times and my family is usually there, the finish line of any Ironman and the 24 Hr Tour de Tri ... gotta love a race with 81 transitions.  
Any other tips or hints? Homemade museli bar slice during endurance races.  Training is cheating (ok, I'm starting to come around).  

Kylie with the silver Lemond, in big shoes taking a quick break in training at a Bunnings sausage sizzle .... 



Pocket rocket Haydn has taken off on the bike since acquiring his new ride which is a little scary for some when added to his run ability.  He's given us an insight into his gear choices below: 

Item Description 
Bike I'm am now the proud owner of a Cervelo P3 Dua Ace named "Severus" (after a few name changes) 
Bike Shoes Specialized - with too many straps 
Helmet Very old, very out of date and still have some left over sticker from the Arafura Games ... souvenir
Wheels Eastern - but hoping to invest in some Zippy wheels shortly 
Tyres Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick  
Sunglasses Sundog with air vents, for those cool mornings when the glasses fog up  
Running Shoes Nike Free Run 3.0 Can't go past them. Best shoe and so cheap !! 
Racing Flats Um, don't believe I have any but that's because I'm not totally sure what they are  
Goggles  Zoggs that are reflective, however I can't really see out of them either
Wetsuit2XU T2 - big 2XU fan 
Tri gear I wear ... 2XU tri suit and not much else
Tri gear on my wish list .. New tri suit.  New Garmin 310XT GPS 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Severus, my new P3.  The ride leg would be rather slow without it 
Best tri advice ..Don't hurt yourself before a race  
Biggest tri mistake ... Rolling my ankle one week before the Katherine Ultra Challenge having a practice on the x-country course ... and then competing in the Katherine Ultra Challenge ... made it though  
Favourite race Is a tie.  Arafura Games Triathlon and Katherine Ultra Challenge.  Arafura Tri first serious race (for me).  The excitment, the atmosphere.  KUC - hardest race but such a good vibe.  Great country race
Any other tips or hints?Listen to Daryl, eat before every race, just not too much.  Enjoy the experience and have fun, even when it hurts, it's temporary.  There's no point doing something if you don't enjoy it.  So enjoy !!!
Severus, the highly prized new P3 ...



Ben is a quiet achiever with a love of long course triathlon.  A busy family bloke, he's working steadily towards his goals.  His equipment list and tri tricks follows: 

Bike Ridley Dean 1113 
Bike Shoes Time 
Helmet Giro 
Wheels Zipp 808's 
Tyres Continental GP4000
Sunglasses Oakley Radar
Running Shoes Asics Gel DS Trainer 17
Racing flatsZOOT Ultra Race
Goggles Speedo 
Wetsuit Speedo SS11
Tri gear I wear ... Speedo LZR bottom, Darwin Tri Club top
Tri gear on my wish list ... Ceramic bearings
I wouldn't go to a race without ... My Cheer Squad (my wife and little boy) 
Best tri advice ... Keep eating and drinking during longer events Enjoy yourself
Biggest tri mistake ...  Not eating and drinking enough on the long events 
Favourite race  Challenge Wanaka 2012 
Any other tri tips or hints?Practice, train, train, train then practice some more, then keep training.  Consistency.  

Ben whips off the Speedo  goggles .... 



Daniel is an enthusiastic individual and has taken to triathlon like a duck to water.  He shares his unique triathlon tips and advice with us here:

Bike Time trial - only way to make your eyes water 
Bike ShoesShimano tri ones - they are white?
Helmet Spuik time trial, so light and comfortable I'm thinking about wearing it on the mountain bike !
Wheels Zipp - actually do make a difference 
TyresContinental force and Attack - good compromise between speed and puncture resistance 
Sunglasses I squint - trick is to run faster than the speed of light, not there yet but I've got a plan! 
Running Shoes Nike Free Run - you will convert too, just a matter of time ... 
Racing Flats Would it be bad if I asked what racing flats are? 
Goggles Blue ones ?? 
Wetsuit Black one with no sleeves ... 
Tri gear I wear ... trisuit - only way to be legally nude ... Garmin 310XT GPS 
Tri gear on my wish list ... Super speedy time trial bike 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Knowing when and where the briefing is 
Best tri advice ... Keep focused on having fun - we do this because we enjoy it .. 
Biggest tri mistake .. Thinking that a hearty meal couple of hours before race will help maintain energy levels  
Favourite race .. Katherine Ultra Challenge - nothing else even comes close 
Any other hints or tips? Listen to everything others have to say, then go talk to Daryl ! :) Cling wrap - remember you read it here first, cling wrap holds things to frame WITHOUT compromising aerodynamics;  I've conducted my own independent "wind from fan" testing and it is far superior to using tape to hold spare tubes.

Daniel in the Spuik ....



Courtney Atkinson

Courtney is one of those blokes you can be forgiven for thinking was born a triathlete. It's been interesting to follow his career from way back in the days when he competed as a school kid at National Schools Championships.  He has 5 World Cup wins to his credit, is a three time Noosa winner and is a medal hope for Australia at the 2012 London Olympics.  We really appreciate Courtney taking the time to complete TriTricks for us. 

Item Description 
Bike At the moment riding an Orbea Orca but also have a new Orbea Ordu waiting to ride for Noosa later in the year. 
Helmet RedBull custom designed Orbea Rune 
Wheels Wheel of choice at moment is Zipp 404 Firecrest 
TyresVittoria Corse Evo CX 23mm 
Sunglasses Oakley Radar or Fast Jacket depending on mood 
Running Shoes Various 
Racing flats Various 
Goggles Orca 
WetsuitOrca Alpha 
Tri gear I wear ...Orca range 
Tri gear on my wish list .. I am luck I race for companies that I would chose their gear anyhow ! 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Paw Paw cream 
Best tri advice ... Pacing, pacing and pacing.  Remember there is plenty of time to catch people who start to fast. 
Biggest tri mistake .. Worse I have seen racing at world class level is someone bringing two right cycling shoes to a race!  Big problem !
Favourite race Noosa and the old Laguna Phuket Triathlon 
Any other tips or hints?I like to think everyone has their own different reasons for participating in this sport.  So no matter how fast or why you choose to race, triathlon offers everyone a chance to feel like they have won !  I love seeing the satisfaction people at somewhere like Noosa get simply finishing the race.  I haven't been to Ironman but I can image it is like this but at even a greater emotional level.
Triathlon is easier if you practice in training specific to a race.  Run off hard bike rides every so often.  Ride after swimming every so often.  Makes it a lot easier when you know what it feels like. 
Courtney is an elite ITU athlete and we'll be sending go faster vibes his way as he continues to race to qualify for 2012 London Olympics ... 



Kate's been hit by the tri bug and now that Arafura Games triathlon is done and won, is looking further afield with lots of enthusiasm and a sense of fun.  Here is Kate's welcome contribution to TriTricks: 

 Item Description  
 BikeA "Gee that's heavy", "Your bike is too small Kate". Daz it is actually a 2008 Giant women's OCR2 I will have you know. Ha ha. However I am soon to be the proud owner of a 2010 Cervelo P3 Dura-Ace. 
Bike shoes Shimano 
Helmet A no frills helmet, complete with sun visor!  Looking to upgrade, preferable red in colour. 
Wheels "Heavy wheels" Daz lol 
Tyres Gatorskins 
SunglassesNone currently.  Lost them at the Katherine Races 2011 (scheduled rest day .. promise Daz), oops.  Currently test wearing many different Oakley designs, however I think my head must be a weird shape as most of them seem to squeeze the sides of my skull.  Too many brain cells perhaps?
Running Shoes Asics GT2150s, had multiple pairs over the years however I am looking for a change 
Racing flats Pining for a pair of the wonderfully colourful Asics Women's Noosa Tri 2011 shoes 
Wetsuit Yet to invest.  So still able to use the excuse that they give an unfair advantage and everybody needs to toughen up ! 
Tri gear I wear ... Rocket Science 20PBM suit 
Tri gear on my wish list ..Asics Women's Gel-Noosa tri 6 2011 shoes, sunglasses, helmet 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... My Katherine training buddies ! 
Best tri advice .. Pop on a big smile, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy yourself ! 
Biggest tri mistake .. Always eating too much feed before a race/training session, oh the nausea and the burps ! 
Favourite race Arafura Games Triathlon 2011 
Any other tips or hints? Don't overeat (Kate) pre race/training session 

Kate in her Rocket Science 20BPM suit ...



Derek's main focus is Adventure races. He is in his element tackling the offroad multisport races that usually include trail running, mountain biking and kayaking, most of the the races he does do, also involve swimming.  One of the more wordy responses received to date ... thanks Derek !

 BikeRoad: Fondriest Domino 
Tri:  Cervelo P3
Bike Shoes Road: Northwave Tribute
HelmetLazer 02 - for training,  it's new & only been on one or two rides, but I think we are going to get on well together.  Clever adjustment system and I gather the padding can be washed, which is useful in Darwin.  Hopefully a TT helmet in the near future. 
Wheels HED Stinger 7 on the front and HED Stinger 9 on the back.  ZIPP speed at half the price. 
Tyres Continental Gatorskins for training.  Vittoria Corsa EVo tubulars for racing
Sunglasses Prescription
Running Shoes Currently Asics 3030 
Racing Flats Not for me thanks
Goggles Speedo Swedish - although they have stopped making them now, so I may have to start searching for a replacement
Wetsuit BlueSeventy Helix - stretchy goodness 
Tri gear I wear Orca 226 or 2XU Endurance trisuits, depending on which is clean
Tri gear on my wish list. . TT Helmet, maybe a Lazer Tardiz.  Cervelo P5 - Dreamy ....
I wouldn't go to a race without ... 100mph tape; track pump 
Best tri advice ... Train consistently and smart.  Anyone can train when they feel great and the sun is shining.  It is training when it is raining and you just can't be bothered that makes the difference
Biggest tri mistake .. Training injured. 
Favourite race .. I have only really done one big tri and that was Singapore 70.3, so I will stick with that for now
Any other tips or hints?Don't let the fear of something stop you even attempting it. 
Derek also enjoys the thrill of adventure racing, even if it does mean he has to wear thermals a lot ...


Mitch Anderson

Mitch has an interesting background... apart from racing triathlon since 2000 and turning pro in 2008, he is a physio, has dabbled in exercise physiology and is a medical doctor (so listen up if you ever get to talk to him).  Mitch has some impressive results including 11th overall in Hawaii and he won IM WA in 2005.  Mitch also has a mean bike split (can average 42kmph, and holds a number of bike course records).  Unfortunately he has been on the injury list for awhile, but will be tackling IM Oz.  Thanks to Mitch for taking the time to contribute to our TriTricks.

Item Description  
BikeTrinity Advanced SL with full Di2 Shimano groupset 
Bike Shoes Shimano tri specific 
Helmet Rudy Project 
Wheels Durace C75 front plus Pro Disc rear 
Tyres GP 4000 tubulars Continental 
Sunglasses Rudy Project 
Running Shoes Puma 
Racing Flats Puma 
Goggles Blue Seventy 
Wetsuit Blue Seventy Helix 
Tri gear I wear ... Cannibal clothing 
Tri gear on my wish list... New wireless SRM 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  Sunscreen.  A few friends of mine have died from melanoma.  Seriously deadly preventable illness. 
 Best tri advice ...Without recovery, there's no point in training for anything.  Also, triathlon isn't everything.  Make sure you're well rounded - no point in ending up sad and lonely looking at a bunch of trophies on the shelf...
Biggest tri mistake ... Training through a bad cold - it left me coughing up blood out on the Queen K in 2000. 
Best race experience  Winning IM WA 2005, and finishing first in my age group in Hawaii 2002 in 8:59.  The latter was my first time under 9 hours - I was pretty excited ! 
Favourite race  IM WA.  It's such a beautiful place for a holiday ... though Melbourne coffee remains the best on the planet. 
Robyn is a big Mitch fan (not that you can tell) ..


Tim Berkel

Tim did his first triathlon in 2001 and was pretty soon enjoying considerable success at Olympic Distance before  going on to tackle long course events.  His win in Ironman Western Australia in 2008 was a major breakthrough. He took out the Port Mac Half in 2009 as well as 3rd Place in Ironman Australia and then in 2010 won Challenge Copenhagen. Coming up he will be in action at 2011 Port Mac and Busselton 70.3s. Tim's a great character and he has been kind enough to share his Tri Tricks with us.  Thanks Tim !

Item Description
Bike    Cannondale slice, Cannondale super six 
Bike Shoes Shimano 
Helmet Spuik 
Wheels Shimano and Pro 
Sunglasses Oakleys 
Running ShoesNewtons 
Wetsuit BlueSeventy 
Tri gear I wear Scody 
Tri gear on my wish list ...  The one and only Scody  
I wouldn't go to a race without ...My lucky charms  
Best tri advice .. Enjoy race day and soak up the finish! 
Biggest tri mistake ... Worried about my competition when I should be backing myself  

Tim on the cover of 220 Triathlon Magazine ...


Michelle Wu

This little pocket rocket was a late convert to triathlon.  She became an Age Group World Champion at Vancouver World Champs in 2008 and in 2009 debuted at professional level.  Now carving a very successful career at 70.3 distance we are thrilled that Michelle has taken the time to share her tips with us:

Bike2010 Felt DA, 48cm
Bike Shoes Shimano WT51 
Wheels 650cc Zipp 404s 
Tyres Vitoria Corsa Evo CX Tubulars 
Sunglasses Ryders Eyewear.  Too many of them to name! 
Running Shoes Saucony Pro Grid Ride, Saucony Mirage 
Racing Flats Saucony Type A4, Saucony Kinvara  
Goggles Eyeline Black max 
Wetsuit 2XU V1 
Tri gear I wear ... Orca RS1 suit 
Tri gear on my wish list ... None.  I have enough thanks to my sponsors
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Feeling FRESH - Fast, Rested, Excited, Strong, Happy
Best tri advice ... There's nothing more powerful than a strong, confident, and focussed mind. If you believe, you will achieve. 
Biggest tri mistake ... Fortunately I haven't had any race blunders to date !  My biggest mistake when I was starting out though was thinking that more is better.  I now go for quality over quantity - always.  
Other tri advice ... Always remember to have fun and enjoy !  At the end of the day, triathlon is still just a sport for the majority of us.  A way to socialise, keep fit and stay healthy.  Keep things simple!  You're in the sport because you choose to, not because you have to !
Michelle in action on her felt ...



Peta has always been a surprise packet.  Beneath that feminine exterior lies the heart of a fiercely competitive athlete who is now also very experienced.  Peta shares her tri tricks and tips below:

Bike Trek 2000 
Bike shoes Shimano TR50 
Helmet MET 
Wheels Nothing flash to report :( 
Tyres Continental Grand Prix 
Sunglasses Bolle.  Need some new ones that don't block the vision when looking up 
Running Shoes Asics Gel DS Trainers 
Racing flats Noosa Gel Tri flats 2007.  Use only for racing 
Goggles Aquasphere small goggles.  I say "small" because I bought the larger version in early tri days & boy of boy did I cop some laughter about just how BIG they were.  They were great for vision but unfortunately (or maybe it was fortunately) they were too big for my face and leaked badly so I returned them to the DIVE shop.  LOL.  Being a DIVE shop should be a dead giveaway they would magnify all the small fish.  I came close to being named Dag of the Year !
Wetsuit If I can still fit .. it's a BlueSeventy 
Tri gear I wear ... Scody trisuit for racing.  Looking for a new one.  Any tips?  Have my eye on another Scody tri suit. 
Tri gear on my wish list ...A complete overhaul required !!!
I wouldn't go to a race without ... A clean bike.  Thanks to Aaron's recent bike cleaning workshop for the motivation 
Best tri advice ... warm up on the swm by doing quick swim bursts to spike the heart rate & this will help to not get a "panic attack" in the first 50 metres.  This tip was kindly given to me by Jodie (hope she doesn't mind me sharing her secrets) 
Biggest tri mistake ... In 2008 OSIM Singapore Olympic distance, had a beach start & got major excited by the BIG rev up from the commentator and the roar of the crowd.  Hadn't warmed up properly for the swim & I had a major panic attack before the first swim buoy (lost time).  Wasn't till I ran along the beach to do the second loop that I settled myself down.  Lesson learnt !
Any other tips or hints?Smile & ENJOY.  As Daryl will say ... consistency is the key.  Train with your girlfriends OR partner and keep you balanced & give positive support. 
Peta in her Scody trisuit wheeling the now very clean TREK ... 


Another triathlete coming along nicely and with plans to tackle the half ironman distances for awhile, Glen is busy getting his tri gear and equipment sorted.  He gives his take on tricks & tips here:

Item  Description 
Bike Orbea Ordu TT 
Bike Shoes Shimano TR70s - got them for a great price off the Internet 
Helmet Bell 
Wheels Gatorskins (was sick of getting flat tyres & these are great) 
Sunglasses Oakley 
Running Shoes Asics DS Trainers 
Racing Flats K-Swiss (Aussie Flag) 
Goggles Aquasphea 
Wetsuit2XU Only used it once & it was good I guess.  Will need it again in a few months! 
Tri gear I wear ... I'm really in to 2XU Not sure why - think there is just a lot of it around and I went out to the outlet stores in Melbourne (really cheap)
Tri gear on my wish list ...Well I don't want to clog up the website, so I won't even start !!! 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... My goggles, bike shoes, runners, and wait ! I forgot something .. oh no it's ok got everything ... well I think I have !!
Best tri advice ...  Don't go out too hard if you don't want a DNF next to your name 
Biggest tri mistake ... Not training on gels but having them for the first time in a race.  
Bad move !!
Any other tips or hints? Who would of thought pushing your body to the limits could be so much fun and so addictive?  Life's too short, have fun, enjoy yourself and take in the scenery! 

Glen in the favourite Oakley sunnies  ... 


Freddy Lampret:

A top age group triathlete for many years, Freddy (South Africa) turned pro early in 2010.  He has 17 IM to his credit and finished 7th Pro at Ironman Malaysia in 2010.  Thanks to Freddy for sharing his info with us:

Bike Cervelo 
Bike Shoes Erox Zipper 
Helmet LG Super Legerro 
Wheels Zipp 
Tyres Continental 
Sunglasses Oakley 
Running Shoes Asics 
Racing Flats Asics 
Goggles Speedo 
Wetsuit 2XU Project X 
Tri gear I wear ...  2XU 
Tri gear on my wish list ..  Cervelo P4 fitted with additional jet engine and Hendrik Ramaala's running legs
I wouldn't go to a race without ... My front wheel ... ever again ! 
Best tri advice ... Let your training be part of your life, like breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Let it be like brushing your teeth, or showering.  We just do those things without having to motivate ourselves, so if training is the same, it becomes less of a chore and simply a part of our daily routine. 
Biggest tri mistake ... Was racing on a brand new bike, which I got the day before an Ironman.  My back was not impressed. 
Other advice ... Enjoy the racing by taking the pressure of achieving out of the picture, but rather learning to 'listen' to your body.  That way you will do your best, and you will enjoy it, rather than over reaching and ending up doing worse than you are capable of doing.  Don't race others, race yourself and enjoy the journey with those around you in the races. 

Freddy and Macca ... 



Berky hasn't been on the tri scene for very long but he has taken it by the scruff of the neck and embraced the lifestyle wholeheartedly.  His contribution to TriTricks follows:

Item Description 
BikeGiant TCR Advance 
Bike Shoes Shimano 
Helmet Plain Jane 
Wheels Standard 
Tyres Standard 
Running Shoes Asics 
Racing Flats  
Wetsuit Not needed ... yet 
Tri gear I wear ...2XU 
I wouldn't go to a race without... My trusty girlfriend and private photographer 
Best tri advice ... When you are having an off day, dig deep those days count, you'll always feel better for it 
Biggest tri mistake ... Unclipping helmet before bike was racked ! (oops) 
Other tri tips ... Get out of your comfort zone & you'll reap the rewards  
Berky on the Giant (with helmet firmly clasped) ...



Champion swimmer in a former life, Tim is now well on the way to excelling at triathlon.  Not only is he  first out of the water, these days he is up there off the bike as well.  With a run that's developing nicely, Tim is going from strength to strength and up the results.  His take on tri gear follows: 

Item Description  
Bike  Giant TCR.  The advantage of triathletes always wanting to upgrade equipment is that there is always really good cheap second hand stuff around !!  It's not the fastest bike in the world but I have become somewhat attached to it.  I have spent many nights pulling it apart to find out how it works, cleaning it and generally tinkering around with it.  
Bike Shoes Shimano 
Helmet Not sure what brand it is  
Wheels Round ones 
Tyres Continental  
Sunglasses I wasn't convinced that sunglasses would make me go faster so I settled with a pair I picked up while in Bali ... $2.50 and still going strong. 
Running Shoes Just bought a pair of Asics Gel-Kayano.  They are super light and feel great 
Racing flats Asics Gel Noosa 
Goggles Speedo Vanquisher.  Only ever buy clear lens goggles.  Have found that coloured lenses can make it more difficult to see the buoys during open water swims 
Wetsuit Blue Seventy.  I was a non believer in the wetsuits until this year.  I know reckon it's worth about 5 seconds per 100m. 
Tri gear I wear ... Trisuit during a race 
Tri gear on my wish list ... TT bike 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...My Coopers pale ale towel.  It's bright green and stands out a bit in transition .. and seeing it there reminds me how much better the beer will taste if I put in 100% during the race.  
Best tri advice ... I'm still learning.  One thing I have learnt is not to cycle in a gear too big.  
Biggest tri mistake ... Not waking up early enough to have a coffee & a number 2 before the race !
Any others tips or hints? It's not practise that makes perfect, perfect practise makes acceptable 

Tim brings the trusty Giant TCR to a halt ...




With an Ironman Oz finish already under her belt, Karen is a seasoned triathlete.  She's been in the wilderness for awhile but is now coming back strongly.  Her list of gear and tips follow:

Item Description 
Bike                 Norco .. black & green in colour, I call it the "Green Machine" 
Bike Shoes Just purchased a pair of Shimano's tri shoes, the colour matches my bike perfectly
Helmet Not sure, I found it in the shed 
Wheels Easton EA 90s 
TyresMichelin pro 3 race ... green and black of course 
Sunglasses Oakley Radar's 
Running ShoesI rotate between my Nikes and Kayano's.  At the moment I wear what ever is dry and smells the least
Racing flats Zoot Advantage "had them for ages" 
GogglesI have snazzy collection of goffles but they all leak! So I am sticking with an old dorky pair of Eyelines 
Wetsuit Don't have one now my old wetsuit changed into a moulded blob from leaving it in the boot of my car :-(
Tri Gear I wear ...  2XU race suit 
Tri gear on my wish list ...Helmet (green and black), goggles that don't leak, fins (recently lost mine) and a time trial bike would be nice. 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Wilson !  I was given a little flower face toy to put on my tri bars when I did my first Ironman.  I named him Wilson ... he was great to talk to during my long rides ... now I can't race/ride without him ! 
Best tri advice ... Don't try and play catch up with training, if you miss a session ... let it go. + Focus on recovery 
Biggest tri mistake ... Using a portaloo during a race when there was one available for 900 competitors .. I felt nauseous for the entire 21km run 
Any other tips or hints? Listen to race briefs carefully ... following other competitors will lead you astray. 
Karen flying in her 2XU tri suit and Zoot shoes .... 



Marcus really enjoys the sport of triathlon.  As a shift worker, he is often unavailable to compete so when he can be there, enjoys every moment of the opportunity to race.  His equipment choices and advice follow: 

 BikeAvanti Cadent 3.0 frame with Avanti Giro "bits".  The Giro frame cracked so they replaced it under warranty with the Cadent 
 Bike Shoeshmmmm.... they've got velcro straps and a hard sole.  They came with the bike.  $1400 for the bike and the shoes. Bargain
Helmetummmm .. Met something or other.  Had to replace my old one after I managed to split it in two coming off on the way to work early one morning. 
Wheels Round ones with spokes, bearings and stuff 
Tyres Conti GP 4 seasons, but only if they are on special on Wiggle or PBK.  My road bike/race bike also doubles (triples??) as my commuter.  I have found these the best tyres for avoiding punctures and am too lazy to change to something lighter for races. 
Sunglasses Cheap ones from Wiggle 
Running Shoes Asics Kayano 16, but again only if they are on special.  Daryl has suggested I get something lighter, which I'll probably do when the Kayanos go mouldy.  
Racing Flats Yep, much prefer it to racing on hills 
Goggles Speedo something which are due for replacement.  Got them at Rebel Sport in Port Mac after the half in '09.  Tried for the 5% auto club discount but apparently that is only valid in Victoria.  Had to pay full price.  
Wetsuit I've got an Orca Speedsuit packed away somewhere.  Have used it once since moving to Darwin, for the Part Mac half.  Purchased cheap at a Gatorade Series race in Sandringham a number of years ago.  
Tri gear I wear ... Picked up some cheap 2XU shorts and singlet from the outlet shop in Melbourne last year.  Less than $50 for both.  They are a cacky blue, but they were cheap. 
Tri gear on my wish list ... One day, when I'm not so much of a tight a*** with money, I'll upgrade everything.  Don't know what to, though.
I would go to a race without ...A sense of fun.  Sometimes things don't go to plan and you don't race as well as you wanted.  As long as you can say you had fun, it's been a successful day out.  The day it becomes a chore is the day you should give it up. 
Best tri advice ... You don't need to spend a fortune on the sport.  The best equipment will only take you so far.  Training smart and motivation will get you across the finish line. 
Biggest tri mistake ... Not starting in the sport sooner.  My first season was 2003/2004.  I wish I had started in my teens.  
Marcus in his cacky blue 2XU ....


Justin Granger:

Juz did his first triathlon in 1988, his first Ironman in 1996 and turned pro in 1998.  With over 40 Ironman finishes under his belt, he is one very experienced triathlete and a really nice guy as well. Our thanks to Justin for making the time to complete his tri tricks for us.

Item Description 
BikeCeepo Katana (Racing) + Ceepo Mamba (Training) 
Bike shoesBont 
Helmet Limar 
Wheels Zipp, 808 ZedTech 
Tyres Whatever I can get cheap, but I do like Conti 
Sunglasses Oakley 
Running Shoes K-Swiss 
Racing flats K-Swiss K:ona, not a pure race flat 
Goggles TYR 
Wetsuit TYR Hurricane 5 
Tri gear I wear ... TYR Carbon Tri 
Tri gear on my wish list .. A tri suit that takes pain away ! 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... A back pack - to throw all the gear in"  I have carrying all those plastic bags they give us. 
Best tri advice ... A consistent training plan makes the race easier 
Biggest tri mistake .. Going off course  
Anything else ?Travelling overseas to a triathlon race is a must, there are so many great races out there to experience 

Justin in action in Phuket recently ...



Ron is our Dutch connection and he is very adept at all things multisport.  At home in the water, on the bike, in a kayak or just bobbing along on the run he seems to cruise through effortlessly.  He gives an insight into what helps him along:

BikeFelt road bike and Giant MTB 
Bike shoes Shimano 
Helmet Limar 
Wheels Round ones, Shimano for training and Fast Forward for racing.  Recently picked up a Renn 757 rear disc wheel, looking for an appropriate race to try it out 
TyresGatorskin rear and I believe there is still an Vredestein on my front wheel 
SunglassesShimano and a few "el cheapos", I grab whichever are on the table 
Running Shoes Asics 
Racing Flats Huh? 
Wetsuit2XU prefer not to wear it I don't like the long sleeves 
Tri gear I wear ... Most fancy is probably my DTC club uniform.  For training I wear a mexture of brands.  I like "Craft" stuff, a Swedish brand, perhaps not so well known in Australia but very good value 
Tri gear on my wish list .. Perhaps a sleeveless wetsuit 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Goggles, bike and runners 
Best tri advice ... Training consistently and with a plan, can't believe what a difference it has made 
Biggest tri mistake ... One of the Palmerston races a while ago, forgot to put sufficient air in my tyres.  I struggled through the first bit then rolled the tyre off the rim at the turnaround point .... race over ! 

Here's Ron doing some very special secret training ...


Big Simon:

Our multisport specialist had a couple of spare minutes between training sessions and has shared his bag of tricks and tips as follows:

Item  Description 
Bike Giant TCR and Time Elite 
Bike Shoes Nike
Helmet Giro Ionos
Wheels Drimple carbon jobbies 
Tyres Gatorskins 
Sunglasses Bolle safety sunnies - bargain at $25 from Geminex, especially as I keep losing expensive ones out to sea 
Running Shoes Brooks 
Racing flats No way  
Goggles Zoggs Predators, great fit but they only last six months 
Wetsuit Whatever Stu Fitch has finished with ! 
Tri gear I wear ... As nondescript as possible preferably with brand names, usually with holes.  Injinji toe socks. 
Tri gear on my wish list ... Bike nicks that aren't see through and full of holes 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Porridge in my tummy 
Best tri advice ... There is only one pace - your pace ! 
Biggest tri mistake ... Taking it all too seriously, or possibly agreeing to do a tri in the first place 
Anything else you would like to add? Best training aid, talking books from the library, comes into its own on those three hour+ sessions 
Big Simon is able to handle the demands of multisport.  Here he is tuning up for KUC & a rare gold medal time ...



Tim Beardall:

Tim's an up and coming triathlete with a load of talent.  A regular on Ironman podiums, he most recently made it on to the biggest podium of all with his 5th place in M18-24 in Hawaii.  A man of few words, you have no idea how amazing it was to get this contribution from him.  Thanks Tim !

Item Description 
Bike  Giant 
Bike Shoes  Shimano 
Wheels  Zipp 
Tyres  Continental 
Sunglasses Oakley 
Running Shoes  Newton 
Racing Flats  Newton 
Goggles  Blue Seventy 
Wetsuit  2XU 
Tri gear I wear ... CBD Cycles (Cannibal)
Tri gear on my wish list ...  Any gear which fits correctly  
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Gels 
Best tri advice ...  Each section is separate and attack it in sections 
Biggest tri mistake ...  Racing in my head prior to race 

Tim with his Hawaii trophy ..   

Russell is learning fast about all things triathlon.  He has recently upgraded his gear to include:
Item  Description 
Bike  Cervelo 2010 P3 Dura-ace
Bike Shoes  Shimano SH TR31
Helmet  Limar 575 
Wheels  Easton Circuit 
Tyres  Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick 
Sunglasses  Oakley Lance Armstrong Sports 
Running Shoes  Asics Gel Nimbus 12 
Racing Flats  Saucony Fastwitch 4
Goggles  Vogee Predator
Wetsuit  Yet to get 
Tri Gear   Darwin Tri Club uniform & Orca 226 
Tri Gear on my wish list ... A pair of Zipp race wheels
I wouldn't go to a race without ... My sunnies 
Best tri advice ... Make sure you hydrate before, during and after a race
Biggest tri mistake... Going out too hard, I am still learning how to pace myself

Russell jumps into all things tri with a great
deal of enthusiasm ...





Steve is just about to set off to do his first Ironman (Busso) so his gear is spot on to suit his big day out.  Here he let's us in on his secrets:
Item  Description  
Bike  Cannondale Slice Ultimate 
Bike Shoes  Shimano TR51 
Helmet  Specialized, getting pretty smelly now so may be time for an upgrade 
Wheels   Zipp 404s 
Tyres  Continental GP4000 
Sunglasses  Oakley Radar 
Running Shoes  Asics DS Trainers 
Racing Flats  Asics DS Trainers 
Goggles  Zogg Predator 
Wetsuit  BlueSeventy Helis.  Love the suit & it is really comfortable.  However training in steamy NT for a race down in south WA does not make it my most favourite piece of kit.  The words "Boil in a Bag"  come to mind ! 
Tri Gear I wear ..  Skins, Skins and Skins.  I swear by them.  They are great quality and I find them really comfy.  I even sleep in my tights after a long run or ride session.... who said romance is dead? 
Tri Gear on my wish list ...                Only additional hours in a day to get more much needed sleep 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  My bike, running shoes and goggles.  Isn't that all you need?  Oh yes & my 3 year old daughter as support crew as hearing her shout "Faster Daddy", really makes me keep pushing hard.
Best tri advice ... 

1) Eat, sleep and most of all - stretch.  This used to be one part of my training that I was really slack about.  You know .. the old arm swing and bend down and touch your toes just before you train for all of about 2 mins & that's it.  Well that used to be it for me until injury made me realise just how important stretching before and after training really is.  You have to do it!
2)  Find yourself a really good masseuse 

Biggest tri mistakes ... 

1)  Not wearing socks on a long run to save seconds in transition which then resulted in a large blister on the sole of my foot
2)  Getting the medical description of my torn muscle incorrect.  This lead to me being the laughing stock of all for awhile as the only way that the said muscle could be torn (I later discovered) is during childbirth !

After "boiling in the bag" Steve extracts himself from the BlueSeventy ....           




Luke Bell:
Aussie pro Luke Bell has a wealth of experience and has had a successful 2010 including 7th at Hawaii. Luke is happy to share details of his tri gear and his tips with you.  Thanks Luke, really appreciate you taking the time to do this.
Item Description
Bike Argon Gallium Pro (Road) E112, E114 TT bikes 
Bike Shoes  Sidi Genius & Sidi Triathlon  
Helmet  Giro 
Wheels  Zipp, 808, 404 and Disc to cover all conditions 
Tyes  Challenge Triathlon  
Sunglasses  Oakley Radar 
Running Shoes  Zoot Advantage 
Racing Flats  Zoot Speed and Race 
Goggles  Engine 
Wetsuit  Zoot Zenith  
Tri gear I wear ..  Ironman Timex Watch  
Tri gear on my wish list ...  Lucky enough to have all the toys 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  Good old tub of Vaseline 
Best tri advice ..  Always have fun, enjoy and be in the moment and smile at the finish 
Biggest tri mistake ..  Heading to a race overseas and turning up to the airport, standing in line for well over an hour only to find I fly out the next day !  Hey at least I was a day early and not a day late  

Luke in transition at Hawaii, enjoying the moment ......       





Louise is an experienced age grouper who has a love of endurance events.  She's happiest tackling the Ultra Challenge, an Ironman or more recently a marathon.  Her tricks and tips include:
Item Description  
Bike  Cannondale Slice - looks really nice ... and a few others .. 
Bike Shoes  Shimana & Diadora & another pair 
Helmet  God I don't know - but I have two ! 
Wheels  yep two on them on each bike 
Tyres  yep them too
Sunglasses  The last pair were eaten by the dog so I don't have plans for any more expensive ones 
Running Shoes  Brooks Adrenaline - they look really quick  
Racing Flats  nup 
Goggles   Speedo ... I think 
Wetsuit BlueSeventy but it's so long since I wore it I reckon it must be time to find a race where I might need a new one!! 
Tri gear I wear ..  I am totally in love with Jaggad gear at the moment.  They have this cool external leg gripper which is kind to my scar.  No more tearing whenever I ride or race 
Tri gear on my wish list ..  I need some new racing kit, tri shorts, tri suit (Mark can you hear me - it is nearly Christmas after all) 
I would go to a race without ......  My friends !! They are my eternal motivation and are always good competition and encouragement.  Thanks girls 
Best tri advice ..  Make sure you enjoy the view, life is too short to miss the views 
Biggest tri mistake ..  Stopping training after Iroman - it has been such a long road back to thinking I can actually do it again - don't ever stop  


Louise never goes to a race without her friends ....



Although he never thought he would do it, Dave now has an ITU LD Worlds and an Ironman notch on his belt (IM China) as well as a whole lot of experience.  He's willingly shared some of his tricks & tips here:
Item  Description
Bike  Cannondale Slice Ultimate.  The bride just took delivery of a stationary Watt Bike for training which I might get a turn of some day. 
Bike Shoes Shimano - don't know what brand but CycleZone said they were good and charged me accordingly ... 
Helmet  Giro - light and very fashionable 
Wheels  Bright Red fulcrum Zero's - completely over the top for training, but they look great.  Race wheels are Zipp ZedTech 606s 
Tyres  Training and racing on Continental GP 4000's 
Sunglasses  Oakleys - when they are there and not being used by other members of my tri family
Running Shoes  Asics Gel Nimbus 
Racing Flats  Asics DS Trainers 
Goggles  Aquasphere somethings 
Wetsuit  2XU elite - best piece of kit I own.  Every race should be wetsuit legal regardless of water temperature and distance - I am seeking a rule change to this effect with the ITU !
Tri gear I wear ..  Compresssport compression calf socks - try and wear these in the cattle yards and not get assaulted ... 
Tri gear on my wish list  One of those small motors that was inside Chancellara's bike that enabled him to climb so quickly last season  
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  Having first had a coffee
Best tri advice ...  Singapore draft busters can't judge 7 metres, so be careful  
Biggest tri mistake ... 

1) not completing a race once - pain past quickly, disappointment didn't
2) encouraging my wife to go long distance - now have no one to mop the floors, do the ironing or make my lunch  

Dave has a little rest before reaching T2 in Singapore ....







Brad Beven:

Brad "The Croc" Beven is an absolute tri legend ... some of you younger folk may have seen his bio on your Weetbix box.  Many of us know him from the televised Tooheys Blue & St George Series where he, Miles Stewart and Greg Welch to name but a few, used to go head to head.  Brad should have represented Australia at the Sydney Olympics but unfortunately was hit by a car on the way to qualifying and ended up in hospital instead.  Now a successful coach, we live in hope that he will one day publish a book about his  triathlon career as it would be one hell of a read.  The pressure is on for him to return for next year's Arafura Games.  Thanks to Brad for sharing his tri tricks with us:

Item  Description 
Bike      Specialized S-Works Tarmac S13 
Bike Shoes  Shimano week days, thongs on weekends 
Helmet  Specialized
Wheels  Zipp flashpoint FP60 
Tyres  Fortezza Tri comp Redestein 
Sunglasses  Rudy 
Running Shoes  Nike Vomero 
Racing Flats  They were my 12 year old Reeboks but in an Anaconda race the other day, one of the soles ripped off and I had to run 12km with half a shoe !
Goggles  Eyeline Black max 
Wetsuit      Orca 
Tri  gear I wear...  BBT (Brad Beven Triathlon) which is Champ systems gear 
Tri gear on my wish list ...  A bell for my bike and one of those motors you can hide away inside your bike frame like Cancellara
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  My camera - I'm a pedestrian these days 
Best tri advice ..  Eat your veggies and make a list of what you need for race day 
Biggest tri mistake ..   Forgetting my race day list ! 
That's Brad in action against Welchy and Miles ... they were exciting triathlon times!


Ali Fitch:
Pro triathlete Ali, is a former NT Sportsperson of the Year, Ironman triathlete and all round lovely lady. Her run of luck with injury & illness has sidelined her for awhile (the silver lining for us is she has been on hand to encourage many wannabee ironpersons).  Currently weaning herself off a neck brace, she'll be back racing soon with the help of a lot of the following tri tricks:
 Item Description 
 Bike Orbea Ordu, dura ace equipped, 48 cm for racing & interval training.  I've also got a roadi for those long aerobic training days and a mtb for cruisey days
 Bike Shoes Spuik, but I'm not happy with them.  I've ordered more Shimano's, they fit me best.  I wear orthotics in my cycling shoes 
Helmet  Since I cracked my training Rudi project helmet I"m (embarrassingly) training in my Rudi TT helmet.  (Inc on the wind trainer, in case I fall off that!) 
Wheels  Dura ace 50mm clinchers for training. Dua ace 50 mm tubular for racing/ disc rear depending on conditions
Tyres  I've been using Vittoria but now heading back to Continental for racing.  For training, it's whatever is left over in the garage/box
Sunglasses   Oakley for training. I don't wear in races 
Running Shoes  Mizuno wave alchemy & wave inspire 
Racing Flats Mizuno wave ronin 2 for half IM; Wave inspire for IM.
Goggles  Eyeline "calamari rings" (my favourite since age of 7).  Aquasphere for training.  
Wetsuit  Aquasphere 
Tri gear I wear ...  Team Timex made by Sugoi for racing. Mazuno.Running Bare for training.  Actually I live in Running Bare gear.  Compressport quad compression for training & recovery. Lately I've been wearing lots of pink kinesiotape but that's soon to be gone I hope !! 
Tri gear on my wish list ...  Honestly right now, no new toy can override my wish to train injury free, with no pain and get to the start line of a race again.  
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  The attitude to give it my all on that day  
Best tri advice ...  Maximise your own performace, no place or time can ever match the success, satisfaction and happiness you feel knowing that you did your absolute best on that day.  You can't control anyone else but yourself - doesn't mean to say you can't mentally psyche 'em out ! 
Biggest tri mistake ...  Not starting sooner in the sport  

Ali's trademark frangipani on the Orbea ...  







Penny is an enthusiastic age grouper training in Sydney (one of our correspondence athletes). Just thawing out after a chilly winter, Penny's tri tricks follow:
Item  Description
Bike  Felt B12TT 2010 - I had to get online from UK as there were none left in Australia
Bike shoes  Sidi Zephyr 
Helmet  Met - great colour match for my club kit 
Wheels  Felt 40mm 
Tyres  Vittoria Zaffiro Pro slick 
Sunglasses Rayban fashion with prescription lenses or Rudy Project "Sportmask" 
Running shoes  Mizuno Alchemy 10, great for flat-footed, wobbly-ankled, ITB-afflicted lasses. 
Racing flats  I'm not fast enough to deserve them 
Goggles  Aqua Sphere Eagle with interchangeable clear and tinted lenses 
Wetsuit  BlueSeventy Helix.  Absolutely love it, the water's too cold most of the time in Sydney to swim without it.  
Tri Gear  BRAT club tri top & visor with my black tri shorts & my Garmin 310XT 
Tri Gear on my wish list ...  I wouldn't say no to some super fast race wheels 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  Checking the weather forecast and surf conditions .. a lot. Good tri mates - they are essential for making the event fun & my little gu bottle, fits four Gu's in one bottle ... No mess! 
Best tri advice ... It doesn't matter if you're a bit unfit, don't have a fancy bike, can't do freestyle and hate getting up early ... you CAN transform yourself into a finely-tuned athlete with a bit of patience, a positive attitude and listening to the wisdom of your coach!  Then one day you will shock yourself when you wake up at 5am ... out of habit ! 
Biggest tri mistake ...

I once forgot to take off my helmet after the bike leg and was well into the run before I realized .. not a good look ! 

Other tri tips ... Once you have transformed yourself into an uber-triathlete, don't forget to encourage and support those who are new to the sport ! 

Penny showing great form with all her tri tricks on display ...



Gina Crawford:
Gina comes from New Zealand but we won't hold that against her !  She's a 4 x IM Champion with wins in IM Wisconsin in 2007, IM WA in 2008 & 2009 and IM NZ in 2009 & has also bagged an impressive 3 wins at Challenge Wanaka.  Gina's kindly shared some tri tips and details of her tri gear with us .. thanks Gina !
Item  Description 
Bike Ceepo Katana 
Helmet  Giro Advantage for racing 
Wheels  Rolf Prima TDF58 for racing 

Continental Competition Tubulars for racing and Continental Gator skins for training 

Sunglasses  Oakley 
Running shoes  K-Swiss K-Ona 
Racing flats  K-Swiss K-Ruuz 
Wetsuit  BlueSeventy 
Tri gear I wear ...  K-Swiss tri top and shorts 
Tri gear on my wish list ...  I would love it if someone would invent bike tyres that when punctured pump themselves back up and fill the hole (like some cars have) 
I wouldn't go to a race without...  Making sure I knew the bike course thoroughly, and having a nutrition plan which I have tested in training 
Best tri advice ...  Don't train too hard.  Go hard when you have to (eg intervals etc) but don't go out and train at near race pace all the time or you will be shattered before the race event starts.  So make sure that if you train with other people that they are of the same ability as you so that you are not straining to keep up.  
Biggest tri mistake ... Attempting an ironman when sick as too headstrong to not start. Then ended up collapsing half way (that was not fun!!).  Also not learning the run course at a certain race and finding myself lost in the forest in Korea.  

Until we get an action shot of Gina here's one of her in front of the Oakley truck with a random tri tragic ...




Full of talent, Rob is now an experienced campaigner at all distances and disciplines.  Most recently adding the tough Ironman China and Bali International Tris to his list of achievements, Rob is enjoying a well earned break from training... for now!  His tips follow:
Item  Description 
Bike  TT bike is a Cervelo P3C speed machine.  Roadies are Orbea Leige love machine and Willier Evasion clunker for wet days (an oldie but a goodie like its owner)
Helmet  MET 
Wheels  Cervelo has Zipp 606's and Orbea has Zipp 303's 
Tyres  Continental GP 4000 
Sunglasses  Shimano 
Running Shoes  Asics Gel Kayano 
Racing flats   as above 
Goggles  Speedo Mantra, I think 
Wetsuit  Wing, taylor made.  No off the shelf stuff for this little black duck 
Tri gear I wear ...  Orca shorts, any top and camp dog cap 
Tri gear on my wish list ...  Nothing, I've got too much already 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  All my stuff 
Best tri advice ...  Try and have fun with it 
Biggest tri mistake ...  Saying yes to Ironman.  Somebody slap me. 
Any other tri tips ...  Repeat after me "I love early mornings" 

Here's Rob .. aka Mr Modest ...





Charlotte McShane:

Last year's NT Long Course Triathlon winner, Charlotte also competed at ITU Long Distance Worlds in Perth.  She is currently racing pro ITU events in Europe. We thank Charlotte for her contribution to our Tri Tricks page:

Item  Description  
Bike  Ceepo Venom and Giant TCR Advanced 0 and Giant Anthem 0 Mtb
Bike Shoes  Shimano tri shoes 
Helmet  Giro Ionos 
Wheels  Xentis 
Tyres  Vittoria 
Sunglasses  Oakleys 
Running Shoes  Saucony Pro Grid 
Racing flats  Saicpmu Kinvara 
Goggles  Aquasphere 
Wetsuit  Xterra Vendetta 
Tri gear I wear ...  Scody 
Tri gear on my wish list ...  A new pair of sunnies 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  My Scody compression tights 
Best tri advice ...  Always run through transition and know the In's and Out's before you race 
Biggest tri mistake...  In my first triathlon when I was 7 years old, I did the whole cycle with the brakes stuck on.  I finished last ! 
Any other tri tricks ...  I always sleep in my compression tights the night before a race and I always wake up 4 hours before I race (even if the start time is 6am) 
Charlotte, calm and collected, waiting for starters orders ... 


Jane Marie recently upgraded to a Kuota Queen-K time trial bike, much to the envy of many of her training partners !  JM shares the following info: 

Item Description
Bike     Kuota Queen-K time trial bike ... love it !! 
Bike Shoes Shimano tri shoes 
Helmet      Met 
Wheels Zipp 404 for racing, they make a huge difference 
Sunglasses  Oakley 
Running shoes  Newtons 
Racings flats  Newtons 
Goggles  Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 mirror (no good for morning swims as they are too dark ... not that I swim in the mornings !!) 
Wetsuit  2XU
Tri Gear I wear ...  Variety 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Body Glide
Best tri advice ...  mmmmm 
Biggest tri mistake ...  Not telling 

JM ready to get underway in Singapore ..



Fredrik Croneborg:

Freddy achieved all he could as an age group triathlete and turned pro this year winning Ironman 70.3 China first up.  Watch for him in action at the ITU Long Distance World Championships in Germany where he will be representing Sweden.  It's great he could take time out of his hectic schedule to give us his tri tips.

Item  Description 
Bike  Ceepo Katana 
Bike Shoes  Specialized trivent 
Helmet   Selev matrix 
Wheels  Zipp 404 clinchers and Ceepo 58 tubular 
Tyres  Zipp tangent and Continental competition  
Sunglasses Oakley jawbones 
Running shoes  New Balance and Saucony
Racing flats   New Balance 904 and Saucony fastwitch  
Goggles  Swedish goggles 
Wetsuit  BlueSeventy Helix 
Tri gear I wear ...  Rocketscience sports 
Tri gear on my wish list ...   I have most things now 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  Newly washed bike 
Best tri advice ...  Go hard and without cycling computer 
Biggest tri mistake ...   Did not cover my shoes in transition area of European Junior Champs, it started raining and I started the run with heavy wet shoes 
Freddy in action ....  


Rising star Grant would love to devote himself full time to the sport.  Real life gets in the way though, so he has to somehow fit triathlon in, along with his job which involves shift work.  His gear and tips follow:

Item      Description 
Bike  Racing - Felt B2.  Great design and lightweight.  Training - Giant TCR Earo 
Bike Shoes  Racing - Garneau, Ergo air   
Helmet  Zethos Cratoni 
Wheels  Racing - Sram 60 front / 80 back
Training - Easton visa SL 
Tyre  Continental and Vittoria 
Sunglasses   Racing / training Shimano
Casual - Oakley, Cascan 
Running Shoes  Asics, Noosa tri gel 
Racing Flats  Asics Parana 
Goggles   Eyeline  
Wetsuit Orca apex2 
Tri gear I wear ...   Zoot one piece tri cuit, BlueSeventy Speedsuit in the swim  
Tri gear on my wish list ...   Sponsors ! LOL.  Oakley Radar sunglasses 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... My vaso .. I can get my feet in the shoes faster and to stop the rubbing of the suit on my neck (I always get bad rash there when I don't use it).
Also I wouldn't go to a race without advice and a full game plan from Coach Daz.
Best tri advice ... Be prepared.  Mainly mentally prepared. Whatever gets thrown at you, you need to be able to amend the game plan.  My motto is Keep-It-Together.
Biggest tri mistake ...  My tri mistakes are numerous but two stand out.  As a junior, my mum was taking me to a race and we were almost at the venue when I realised I had forgotten my helmet and tri suit.  Most recently, I only took one spare tube with me at Ironman Malaysia and got two flats ... rode 40km on a flat tyre.
Grant gives the thumbs up to his game plan ... 


Graeme is enjoying a whole new lease of life as he takes up the triathlon challenge with increasing enthusiasm.  Normally full of questions, we turn the tables here and ask him a few.  These are his answers:

Item Description 
Bike  Cervelo S2 
Bike Shoes Shimano 
Helmet  Catlike 
Wheels  Yes 
Tyres  Gatorskins 
Sunglasses  Always 
Running Shoes  Asics DS Trainer 
Racing Flats  Same 
Goggles  Speedo Aquasocket 
Wetsuit  BlueSeventy sleeveless 
Tri gear I wear ...  What feels right on the day  
Tri gear on my wish list ...  New bike shoes
I wouldn't go to a race without .. Hope 
Best tri advice ... Breathe between strokes 
Biggest tri mistake ...  It's hard to pick one that stands out from all the others
Graeme has swim ability that is the envy of many ...


Simon Thompson:

Simon's triathlon history goes back to 1990 when he first competed as a junior.  Through desire and determination,  Simon clocked up ITU World Cup wins & went on to represent Australia at the Athens Olympics and Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Among his many race highlights,  Thommo also has a win and a third at Ironman 70.3 Singapore to his credit and to round out his credentials, has dabbled in  IM.   Simon has just announced his retirement from triathlon and is commencing his new career with TREK. Thanks to Simon for taking time from his busy schedule to send in this contribution to tricks and tips: 

Item   Description 
 Bike/s Trek Madone 6.9 SSL, Trek Superfly 100 (Gary Fisher Collection - on order!) Speed Concept 9.9 (also on order)
Bike Shoes  Shimano custom-fit tri, road and MTB
Helmet  Bontrager Lithos 
Wheels   Shimano and Bontrager  
Tyres  Bontrager 
Sunglasses  Oakley 
Running Shoes  Asics DS Trainer 
Racing Flats  Asics DS Trainer
Goggles Sable 
Wetsuit  2XU Project X 
Tri gear I wear ...  2XU 
Tri gear on my wish list ...  I have all I need and want ! 
I wouldn't go to a race without...  Bodyglide / vaso 
Best tri advice ...  Smile, you're racing because you choose to, not because you have to 
Biggest tri mistake ...   Changing from cycle outfit to run outfit at Ironman Port Macquarie in 2009, like they did in the olden days when I watched it and losing by 90 secs !
Simon on the podium in Singapore ... 


Kelly is always up for challenge and approaches every new adventure with great enthusiasm. She uses the following gear and gives some sound advice: 
Item Description
Bike  Giant, pink and black 
Bike Shoes Shimano 
Helmet  Pink and white (I think it is a Specialized) 
Wheels  I know they are round 
Tyres  They are round too but occassionally flat on the bottom  
Sunglasses  Arnette 
Running Shoes  Asics and New Balance 
Racing Flats  Asics 
Goggles  Speedo 
Wetsuit  Orca 
Tri gear I wear ..  2XU, Orca 
Tri gear on my wish list .. New sunnies and a working speedo 
I wouldn't go to a race without ..  Visor or cap for running, mainly to stop my hair from getting way too out of control 
Best tri advice .. Don't forget your visor 
Biggest tri mistake ..  Forgetting my visor, I'll never make that mistake again  
Kelly complete with visor ... 

Emma has a wealth of experience having competed at Worlds in Lausanne and most recently at Singapore 70.3 and Hawaii 70.3.  Her contribution follows:
Item Description 
Bike  Cervelo P3 
Bike Shoes  Shimano (white and green tri ones - I thin that's the technical name for them!) 
Helmet  I love my pink Giro Atmos helmet. It's my second pink one as somehow the first one got a crack in it. 
Wheels  Zipp 404s ... I also love them ! 
Tyres  Ummmm... pass!  Maybe Continental something or others. 
Sunglasses Oakley - also white and pink 
Running Shoes  Newtons, I've had quite a few pairs by now 
Racing Flats  Pink Newtons for the longer races, Zoots for the shorter stuff.  Do you get the feeling I like pink yet??! 
Goggles  View Selene - the women's variety.  I find all other ones leak on me. 
Wetsuit  I don't own one now, but I did have the 2XU Comp 1. Nikki is now the proud owner but I have borrowed it back occassionally (is that allowed?) 
Tri Gear   2XU 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  All of the above apart from the wetsuit.  Actually, my running cap really, I hate running without a hat on 
Best tri advice ..  Stick to the plan, don't try anything new on race day, and most importantly race your own race not someone else's. 
Biggest tri mistake ...  Eating too much either before a race (or on the bike).  Or maybe leaving my bike shoes in the car and not realising until I came out  of the swim and went to hop on the bike in transition !! 
Emma in action at Singapore 70.3 but where is the pink helmet??..




Belinda Granger:
Belinda's list of triathlon achievements is a mile long.  Among them, she has 36 Ironman finishes to her credit and was recently inducted to Australia's Ironman Hall of Fame.  Lovely lady that she is, she was happy to share her tri tricks and advice with us. Thanks Belinda.
Item Description
Bike  I have two bikes .. my road/training bike which is a Ceepo Venom - 45 cm and my TT/race bike which is a small Ceepo Katana.  I love them both but of course my TT bike is my absolute fave :) 
Bike Shoes  I have just been sponsored by Bony cycling shoes - they are a custom-made shoe and they are really amazing.  I also love the fact that I get to choose what colours I want. 
Helmet  Limar Pro 104 
Wheels  ZIPP .. one of my favourite sponsors.  I train on a 303/404 combination and I usually race on a 404/1080 combination but I also like to use a disc when I can .. of course it depends on the terrain
Tyres  Vittoria 
Sunglasses  Oakley .. I am trying to get a lifetime sponsorship with them 
Running Shoes  K-Swiss KOna 
Racing Flats  K-Swiss KOna 
Goggles  TYR 
Tri gear I wear ...  K-Swiss 
Tri gear on my wish list ...  Honestly .. I have everything I need and then some.  I am really fortunate to have the sponsors I have and I have handpicked all of them so love using all of the products 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... My paw paw ointment .. do I need to explain why???
Best tri advice   Never forget why you got into triathlon in the first place ... it is my job and of course I take it seriously, but I never stop enjoying it or having fun while I am training or racing.  As soon as I do it usually results in a bad session or a terrible race 
Biggest tri mistake  Well I have definitely made quite a few but the one that stands out the most is a few years back at Challenge Roth.  It was freezing cold in the morning (12 deg) and raining heavily.  I packed arm-warmers and a vest in my T1 bag but was so wound up when I got out of the swim that I opted not to take the time to put them on .. BIG MISTAKE !!  I practically froze for the entire 180km .. almost to the point where I seriously thought I was going to have to pull out of the race.  At the end of the day, saving that extra minute in T1 cost me at least 15 minutes. Even today when I think about that race it sends shivers down my spine.
Belinda celebrating yet another win at Ironman Malaysia ...                    




Rowdy is an Ironman distance fan with a number of  M dots on his race belt. His tri gear and advice follows:

 Item Description 
Bikes  Cytex and Cervello P3 
Bike Shoes Shimano 
Helmet  Limar 
Wheels  Ksyrium and Zipp 
Tyres  Continental Gatorskin 
Sunglasses  PBK 
Running Shoes  Brooks Adrenaline 
Racing Flats   None 
Goggles  Speedos 
Wetsuit  Orca and BlueSeventy speed suit 
Tri gear I wear ...  Cannibal tri suit  
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  Having done the training 
Best tri advice  Listen to the race brief so that you know where you are going and not relying on following someone else 
Biggest tri mistake ...  Riding an extra 20km in an Ironman event 
Damo ready to dismount ... 

Bin is  a very accomplished age group triathlete, but there was a time when she was the one asking all the questions.  She is now more than happy to share her bag of tri tricks which include:
Item  Description 
Bike  Trek Madone 5.2 Road (white, black & blue) - I love this bike so much I've given it a name - Mike the Bike 
Bike Shoes  Shimano TR70 Custom Fit - great with no socks 
Helmet  Bell VOLT - silver 
Wheels  Bontrager Race Lite (race and train) 
Tyres  Continental Grand Prix 4000 (race and train) 
Sunglasses  Oakley (just for cycling now) but recently changed to a cheap pair of $25 Bolle sunglasses for racing, as they are half the weight of Oakleys - great for long distance running 
Running Shoes Newtons and Asics Kayano (mens) 
Racing Flats  Zoot Advantage also great with no socks 
Goggles  Zoggs Predator 
Wetsuit  Don't own one, but I will probably wear my "soon to be" prohibited speedsuit in the "Dry" for training   
Tri Gear I wear ...  Darwin Tri Club Trisuit by Cannibal or Multisport trisuit 
Wish list ...  Not a huge ask - just a TT bike and race wheels 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  Gu's, Gatorade and contact lenses
Best tri advice ...  If you can't sleep the night before a race, don't worry - it won't effect your race as long as you've been getting sleep the previous nights; Don't walk around outside barefoot or in thongs the day before a race ! 
Biggest tri mistake ...  Forgetting to take my speed suit off before the bike leg of the long distance tri in 2009 (I still can't believe I did that)
Bin with all her favourite gear after racing Hawaii 70.3 ...  
Matty White:

Matty, a down to earth firefighter in real life,  raced pro at Hawaii and last year took leave for a season on the pro circuit in the states.  Matty finished 2010 on a high with 2nd at IM WA.  His tri bag includes:

Item  Description 
Bike      Merida Dark Knight TT and Merida Evo both decked with Shimano Di2 
Bike Shoes  Shimano 
Helmet Rudy Project wingspan 
Wheels  The best wheels on the market .. Lightweight Disc and deep rims (the Germans know how to make things to perfection) 
Tyres  Lightweight 
Sunglasses  Ryders 
Running Shoes  Saucony Grid Type A 
Racing Flats  Saucony Kinvaro, just hot on the market, check them out 
Goggles  Anything I can get my hands on as I keep losing pairs 
Wetsuit  X-terra Vendetta 
Tri gear   I wear the best and most colourful - SCODY 
Tri gear on my wish list Anything Scody make 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  My complete A game or my best supporter, my wife ! 
Best tri advice ...  Relax and enjoy the sport, it's not everything in life 
Biggest tri mistake ...  Wearing AFL footy shorts in my first ever tri 14 years ago, and the elastic broke in the swim and I spent the whole day having to hold them up! 
Matty recovering after a ride back from Kawaihae on the Queen K  ...



As a relative newcomer to the sport of triathlon, Ryoko's view of tri gear is refreshing.  She is one of those asking a million questions and this page will go a long way to answering many !  Her bag of tri toys currently consists of:

Item  Description  
Bike  TT Bike is Cervelo P3 and road bike is a Merida HFS 904-COM 
Bike shoes  Pearl Izumi TRi FIY lll 
Helmet  Limar 969 
Wheels Easton Circuit (650cc) on TT & Shimano CS-5600 11-25 on roadie 
Tyres  Vittoria Rubino Pro & Vittoria Rubino 23 60Kevlar 
Sunglasses  Merida 
Running shoes  Newton
Racing flats  Adidas Adizero Adios 
Goggles Speedo 
Wetsuit  2XU Team (they say this is one of the lowest range of wetsuits, but I find it very flexible & comfortable to swim in plus easy to put on. 
Tri gear I wear ...  Junior DTC tri pants which belonged to Charlie & Will 
Tri gear on my wish list ... A perfect bike saddle.  It's been a long journey to find one.  I'm still searching ... 
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Speaking to Super Coach about a race plan and strategy
Best tri advice ...  Really warm up before a race.  Don't go hard from the start because a race doesn't work that way. 
Biggest tri mistake ...   Practice nutrition before race day.  My first experience of energy gel was in a race and I nearly had a heart attack from the shock of the taste. 
To overcome the fear, I had to freeze a Gu so I can't tast it.  Somehow I discovered other GUs like "Choco Mint" & "Strawberry Banana" are quite tasty !
Ryoko at a recent brick session, getting better at transitions ...


Justin has been on a big tri learning curve.  Down to earth, he often brings his tri gear in a Bronco's bag (but we won't hold that against him)!

Item     Description
Bike  Cervelo P2
Bike shoes  Shimano TR51
Helmet  Met Estro 
Wheels  Easton Circuit
Tyres  Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick
Sunglasses  BBB Successor 
Running shoes  Newtons
Racing flats  Zoot Ultras 
Goggles Vorgee Tomahawk
Wetsuit On the list of things to get before the Dry Season
Tri Gear    Darwin Tri Club Cannibal tri suit 
Tri Gear on my wish list  Set of race wheels
I wouldn't go to a race without ...   The vital "Good Luck Daddy" from the girls
Best tri advice ...  Enjoy the training schedule the Coach gives you (even though it seems like a chore some mornings) and pray that on race day the weather conditions are in your favour
Biggest tri mistake ...  Not being fully hydrated before a race.  You feel the effects well into the next day 
Justin's transition spot, note the Bronco's bag ..  


Debbie, aka "Miss Neat", completed her first Olympic Distance triathlon recently.  Her bag of tri tricks includes:

 Item         Description 
Bike     My red, black and white chariot is a DBR 
Bike Shoes Shimano SH-TR02 W 
Helmet  Met 
Wheels  Shimano R500 
Tyres  Ones that don't puncture ! 
Sunglasses  ProBikeKit ones 
Running shoes  Current Mizuno WaveRider 13 
Racing flats  None as of yet 
Goggles  Speedo Jets 
Wetsuit  2XU 
Tri gear I wear ... Orca race shorts and Team Caffeine race top  
Tri gear on my wish list  Oh where to begin .... 
I wouldn't go to a race without ...  My runners 
Best tri advice ...   Do the training 
Biggest tri mistake ... Not hydrating well enough  
Debbie's spot on the rack at training ...


Nikki is one of a very select group of five NT women to ever race at Ironman World Championships.  She has four IM notches on her race belt (2 x IM Oz, 1 x IM Malaysia & 1 x IM Hawaii).  Here's some of the contents of Nikki's bag of tri tricks:
Item Description
 Bike Cervelo Carbon P3 Time Trial (such a sweet ride !)
 Bike Shoes Shimano triathlon
 Helmet Pink Specialized with stacks of ventilation for hot weather racing 
 Wheels Zipp 404 for racing, otherwise Easton 
Tyres Contintental Competition tyres for racing, Continental GP 4000 for training
Sunglasses Oakley with rose lenses 
Running Shoes Newton Pink racers (good for short and long) 
Racing Flats Same Newton racers 
Goggles  Vorgee light coloured lens (good for training and racing) 
Wetsuit 2XU 
Tri Gear Half Ironman my 2XU tri suit (super comfy); for Ironman tri pants and top
(just in case a toilet emergency presents itself)
I wouldn't go to a race without ... Sunnies, sunscreen & gu (no food, no race !!) 
Best tri advice ...  Make a plan and stick to it.  Do not worry about anyone elses race.  It is only yours that you can do anything about.  Do not waste energy being scared at the beginning, always think of the positives.  In Ironman, always think of the last 10km of the marathon (a very important lesson super coach taught me) 
Biggest tri mistake ...  I ate peanut butter Cliff bars during the ride in my first Ironman, that equated to a very upset tummy, peanut butter out the other end and a trip to every toilet in the first 15km of the marathon !!! 
Nikki's sweet ride ready to tackle Kona .... 
Luke McKenzie:

Luke is a 5 time Ironman champion and all round great guy. He is currently training and racing in Europe.   Here's a glimpse of his tri toys (thanks Luke) 

Item Description
Bike     Scott Plasma 2
Bike Shoes  Scott tri carbon 
Helmet  Giro Inos 
Wheels      Zipp 808/1080/ sub 9 disc 
Tyres  Zipp Tangente 
Sunglasses Smith 
Running shoes  K-Swiss (K-ona & Keahou 2) 
Racing flats  K-Swiss (K-Ruuz)
Goggles  BlueSeventy - Element 
Wetsuit  BlueSeventy - Helix 
Tri Gear  K-Swiss 
I wouldn't go to a race without .... Vaseline 
Best tri advice ..  Practice nutrition before race day ! 
Biggest tri mistake ..  Changing something the day before the race 
Luke getting set up race morning for Ironman Malaysia ...



Robyn works on the KISS principle and has vowed to become a little more colour coordinated in the future.  Her eclectic bag of tri gear includes:
Item      Description
Bike     Recently upgraded from my Giant which had 5 IM & numerous 70.3's under it's wheels to a berry nice Ms Trek (Madone 5.2).  CycleZone guys set me up well.
Bike shoes Shimano TR70
Helmet Just updated to a Giro on the fashion advice of the bike shop fashion gurus.  The colour sort of matches Ms Trek and my bike shoes. 
Wheels Can you believe that after all those years in the sport, I finally, finally have a pair of Zipp 303's. Maiden hitout on them was Phuket 70.3 .. nice ! 
Tyres  Continental Gatorskins  
Sunglasses     Oakley - purchased this year after making do with the cheap servo variety forever 
Running Shoes  Asics 2060 (started out with these when they were called 1000s) 
Racing Flats  For IM I wear my Asics in half a size bigger than normal to allow for swelling.  Recently purchased a pair of Zoots to wear for shorter distance events 
Googles  Always used to wear Zoggs Phantom but have recently changed to Speedo .. still searching for the perfect, soft, non leaking variety.
Swim cap Whatever I'm given 
Wetsuit     I don't own one. 
Tri Gear ..  Love my Zoot Ultra tri pants for IM. Tops are a raffle. Now wearing SOAS
Tri gear on my wish list  Lighter shoes that provide the stability of my Asics without the weight   
I wouldn't go to a race without ....  My favourite pink towel with my name on it 
Size 16 elastic bands
Profile Jetstream
Best tri advice ....  Visualise all possibilities; mentally go through transitions while packing your gear bags.  
Biggest tri mistake ...  I forgot to put my water bottles on my bike at a Sprint Series race at Palmerston years ago.  I still remember how silly I felt when I reached down and found they weren't there & the effects of dehydration.
Update: Fast forward to 2012, setting up for Ironman 70.3 Singapore and realizing my cycle shoes were back in our hotel room now deserves no one place as my biggest tri mistake!

Robyn's transition spot looks a bit like this: