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IM List

For many athletes completing an iron distance event is the ultimate triathlon goal. For some it is a bucket list box ticker. Daryl has coached a large number of athletes for events across all distances & the following are those who have achieved iron distance finishes.  Their brief to him has varied from "as long as it takes" to "I want to qualify for Kona". 

Kona Qualifiers

 Year Athlete
 2017 Ashan Weerakkody
 2016 Sarah Collins
 2015 Hannah Johnston
  Corinne Fabian 
 2013 Marcus Lisle

 Stef Puszka

 Brian Hopkins
  Derek Cross (declined) 
 2012 Kylie Gaffel
  Robyn Stanley 
 2010 Robyn Stanley
 2009 Robyn Stanley
  Nikki Roddie
 2008 Robyn Stanley
  Michelle Gailey (declined)

IM Finishers

YearAthlete Event 
2017Ashan Weerakkody Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 

Sarah McEachern Ironman Cairns
 Kerri Thomas Ironman Cairns
 Gary Wall Ironman Cairns 

Matt BishopIronman Australia 
 Kerri Thomas Ironman Australia

Brad Fitzwater Ironman New Zealand 
 Barney Otene-Meihana Ironman New Zealand
2016 Derek Cross Ironman Western Australia
 Sarah McEachernIronman Western Australia
 Brad Fitzwater Ironman Western Australia 
 Kerri Thomas Ironman Western Australia 
 Katie FordIronman Western Australia 

Ashan Weerakkody Ironman Malaysia
 Sarah Collins Ironman Malaysia 

Sarah Collins Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 
 Stef PuszkaIronman Taiwan
 Ali Fitch  Ironman Taiwan
 Tim Green Ironman Cairns 
 Marcus LisleIronman Cairns
 Lucy ThompsonIronman Cairns
 Kylie Scholz Ironman Australia
 2015Bernie WilsonIronman Western Australia 
 Jemma McWigganIronman Western Australia 
 Alex MurdockIronman Western Australia 
 Gary Wall Ironman Western Australia 

Hannah Johnston Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 

Nikki Roddie Ironman France 
 Ashan WeerakkodyIronman Cairns
 Ange Castle Ironman Cairns
 Hannah Johnston Ironman Cairns
 Sinon CooneyIronman Cairns 
 Scott HanrahanIronman Cairns
 Glen ScholzIronman Cairns 
 Barney Otene-Meihana Ironman Cairns

Damien Brown Ironman Melbourne 
 James GeddesIronman Melbourne 
 Sinon CooneyIronman Melbourne
 2014Ashan Weerakkody Ironman Western Australia 
 Bernard WilsonIronman Western Australia
 Luke Hansen Ironman Western Australia  
 Rob Brooks Ironman Malaysia 
 Billy Lynch Ironman Malaysia
 Catherine Hood Ironman Malaysia 
 Barney Otene-MeihanaIronman Malaysia 
 Corinne FabianIronman Malaysia

Marcus LisleIronman Australia 
 Kylie GaffelIronman Australia 
 Amy Pallentine Ironman Australia 
 James ShepherdIronman Australia 
 Belinda Birk Ironman Melbourne 
 Stef Puszka Challenge Taiwan 
 Ashan Weerrakody Ironman Cairns 
 Marcus LisleIronman Cairns 
 Sinon Cooney Ironman Cairns 
2013 Derek CrossIronman Western Australia 
 Ashan WeerrakodyIronman Western Australia 
 James GeddesIronman Western Australia 

Marcus Lisle Ironman Cairns
 Luke HansenIronman Cairns
 Caroline Elliott Ironman Cairns
 Pieter JordaanIronman Cairns 
 Phil BlumbergIronman Cairns 
 Simon Casey Ironman Cairns 
 Michelle GaileyIronman Cairns 
 Haydn WhittyIronman Cairns 
 Sinon CooneyIronman Cairns 
 Stef Puszka Ironman Cairns 
 Damien StauntonIronman Cairns
 Luke Hansen Ironman Melbourne 
 Louise Arrigo Ironman Melbourne 
 Ben Norden Ironman Melbourne 
 Ben SandersIronman Australia 
 Marcus LisleIronman Australia 
 Amy Pallentine Ironman Australia 
 Brian Hopkins Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 
 Marcus Lisle Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 
 Stef PuszkaIronman World Championships, Hawaii 
2012 John ArrigoIronman New York  
 Ben Sanders Challenge Wanaka 
 Kylie Gaffel Ironman Australia 
 Glen Scholz Ironman Australia 
 Marcus LisleIronman Australia 
 Matt Redmond Ironman European C'ship Frankfurt 
 Kylie Gaffel Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 
 Robyn Stanley Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 
2011 Steve Graham Ironman Cairns

Kylie Gaffel Ironman Korea 
 Kylie Gaffel Ironman Australia 
 Phil BlumbergIronman Western Australia 
2010 Robyn Stanley Ironman Malaysia 
 Grant PreddyIronman Malaysia 
 Rob Brooks Ironman China 
 Ian Norton Ironman China 
 David McLeod Ironman China 
 Steve GoatIronman Western Australia 
 Robyn Stanley Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 
2009 Nikki RoddieIronman Malaysia 
 Damien Brown Ironman Malaysia 
 Ian Norton Ironman Malaysia
 Robyn Stanley Ironman Malaysia

Paul BellIronman Australia
 Mick Outhred Ironman Australia 
 Nikki Roddie Ironman Australia 
 Ian Norton Ironman Australia 
 Rob Brooks Ironman Australia 
 Phil BrownscombeIronman Australia 
 Robyn StanleyIronman World Championships, Hawaii 
 Nikki Roddie Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 
2008Richard Bradbury Ironman Western Australia 
 Scott Bevis Ironman Western Australia 
 Damien BrownIronman Australia 
 Mark Anzin Ironman Australia 
 Mick Outhred Ironman Australia 
 Louise Ogden Ironman Australia 
 Matt HubberIronman Australia 
 Nikki RoddieIronman Australia 
 Ian NortonIronman Australia
 Jenny KirkbyIronman New Zealand
 Robyn Stanley Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 
2007 Mark Anzin Ironman Australia 
 Mal BaguleyIronman Australia 
 Richard Bradbury Ironman Australia 
2006 Nicole Hahn Ironman Australia
 Stephen Denton Ironman Australia 
 Louise CarringtonIronman New Zealand 
 Steve Carrington Ironman New Zealand