TRIATHLON AUSTRALIA Accredited Performance Coach 

Daryl has been a fully accredited triathlon coach since 2003. He attained National Performance Level coaching accreditation in 2005. He has extensive experience in successfully coaching athletes of all abilities, over all triathlon distances, from club to World Championship level for both amateur and professional athletes.

NT Ochre Card No: 48292 Expiry 28/2/2018

Play by the Rules: Child Protection - Harassment & Discrimination Certificate No: 536960/2013

TRIATHLON AUSTRALIA Accredited Performance Coach 2017-2018


Daryl Stanley:  Phone 08 – 8985 6883 or 0448 190 209 email

Coaching Philosophy

The coaching philosophy of both coaches is simple – training discipline and consistency. There are no ‘silver bullets’ when it comes to personal success – you do the training and you do it consistently - over time. Further, Daryl and John strongly believe that triathlon and multi-sport training and racing is a commitment to a disciplined life style. They also recognizes that athletes must maintain a balanced life that includes commitments to family, career, relationships and just having fun.

The Coaching emphasis is on:  

A.       Training Discipline and Training Consistency – over time. 

B.       Providing the environment and opportunities in which each athlete can achieve their personal aspirations. 

C.       Specific goals with a race focus and orientation. 

D.       Delivering the athlete to the start line fully prepared both mentally and physically.

E.       Providing a strong team support environment - encouragement and fun – the power of the group.

F.       Providing assistance and advice on career mapping and race selection.

G.       Restricting the number of athletes to allow significant face to face and one on one time.

If you have a specific triathlon goal in mind and you are disciplined and determined to achieve - then you are very welcome to contact Daryl or John regarding commencing an individual training program or attending group training sessions. 


John Thyne: TA Development Coach (Level 1) Triathlon 

John has been a fully accredited and practicing development coach since 2009. John has a wealth of experience with introducing athletes into the sport and providing them with the physical preparation, guidance and confidence to enter the sport successfully.

NT Ochre Card No: 19414 Expiry 20/03/15

Play by the Rules: Child Protection – Harassment & Discrimination Certificate No: 539441/2012

Triathlon Australia Coaching Accreditation: Development Level - Expiry 30/6/2016


John Thyne:  Phone 0423 797 401 email