This page contains information or links to an eclectic collection of useful, interesting & amusing stuff.  This is where we put random information on events, products, training, hints on packing bikes, clubs,
 good reads, athlete trackers and more .... enjoy !

Triathlon Coaches 

Good read - Triathlon Coaches: Art vs Science here

The 7 Myths of Triathlon Swimming

Nice to have @trisutto on the same page re swimming here

Why don't you use aerobars on group rides?

A very simple explanation here

6 ways to a happier gut

Helpful advice regarding nutrition here

Reporting bikepath hazards, glass, etc
Reporting problems, particularly glass, potholes etc is easy online here

The most inspiring Ironman Video of 2013

Doubtful that you could watch this and not feel inspired to put one foot in front of the other

All in the one place

Here is an awesome blog gathering together all kinds of info and product views. 

SOAS Racing

One for women only - check out the great gear made by SOAS Racing here.  You can also view their promotional video.

Use it or lose it

Those of you who attend Daryl's swim squad are familiar with his DIY swim bands which he brings out at various times during the year. 

Here's a recent post in agreement.  Had to check authorship, thought he may have written it. 

How to swim your way to the front of the pack

It's really not rocket science - have a read

Comeback Queen

Robyn has been blogging away happily documenting her comeback to swim, bike, run.  Again another blog to read from the start here.

Tour de Force

Renee has signed up to ride the Tour de France route in 2014.  You can follow her progress here

WADA Prohibited List

The World Anti-Doping Authority prohibited list for 2014 has been released and can be viewed here.

Interested in Rottnest swim?

If you have ever thought about doing the Rottnest swim this video may inspire you.

Eating healthy on a shoestring

Some tips for not breaking the bank to eat healthy foods here

Choosing a coach

We think Daz scores 60 out of 60

What is it you are doing?

Whatever it is, I hope it is with this much passion - check here

You have to love moves like these

If you are looking for a little fun motivation, try deciphering the words while following the moves on this awesome video
An oldie but a goodie.

A Special Kind of Crazy

Derek has launched his new blog "
A Special Kind of Crazy: A Triathlon Blog".  

It's an entertaining and informative read, so enjoy.  

Make sure you start from the beginning. 

Simply the Best

Check out this video. This bloke was simply the best and inspired many, including Robyn who still is a great fan. 

Cycle Zone

Aaron and his staff at Cycle Zone can assist you with all things cycling and triathlon. Cycle Zone  provide great after sales service.

The shop is located at 6/41 Cavanagh St, Darwin (Opp. GPO)  Phone:  8981 4436

You can LIKE Cycle Zone Darwin on Facebook here

Special Rules for 70.3 & Ironman Events

All Ironman & 70.3 events in Australia are using special rules which increase draft zone sizes and introduce other variations to TA Race Competition Rules.  You can read them here and they are usually posted to event websites

Nutrition tips from Macca

Macca gives some down to earth nutrition advice here

The Great Sports Drink Debate

This is a very interesting read on sports drinks, hydration, use of salt tablets etc.  

Very relevant to those of us training in the Top End and competing here at home and in Asia. 

Revel in the Process

"Revel in the process and you're more likely to make it to the finish line".  Interesting article, have a read here

Swim Technique

An interesting video which demonstrates correct swim technique.  Check out the elbows here

Top 5 Swim Stretches

Triathletes from non swim backgrounds tend to lack flexibility in the water.  Check out top 5 swim stretches from Joanna Ziegler here

How to put on a wetsuit

With the dry season approaching and a number of key events coming up, a number of you will be donning wetsuits for the first time.  Here's an interesting video about how to put on a wetsuit. 

Training Program with a difference

Dr Turnaround (aka Graeme) has provided an alternative training program. It's is yet to be endorsed by Supercoach, but is well worth a read. 

Road Rules for Cyclists

Most rules and Traffic Regulations apply to bicycle riders as they apply to drivers, however, there are some specific rules which apply to bicycle riders and they are listed here.

Specific references to cyclists in traffic regulations are listed here 

How much do athletes sweat?

Read the AIS Fact Sheet here to find out

Carbo Loading

Click here to view the AIS Carbo Loading Fact Sheet

Swim Squad Etiquette

With thanks to Claremont Masters, here is a great article on swim squad etiquette

Having a laugh

It really doesn't pay to take yourself too seriously  ... we have giggled at the Sh@# cyclists say, now check out the YouTube of the Sh*t Triathletes Say 

Pic:  No s#* from Ryoko, she is enjoying every event ! 

What is it really like at Ironman World Championships?

What is it that gets people excited about doing Hawaii Ironman? Why is it so popular?  We can watch rather sterile highlight packages or read how it really is here

Packing your bike for travel

Graeme put together this very useful Bike Packing 101 cheat sheet ... Click here to view

Riding Hazards 

Check out this New York cyclist's take on some of the city's cycle laws.  Click here to view. There are a few "ouch" moments! From YouTube and recently on FOTB. 

Pizza Party Pics

Derek took a number of pizza party pics.  Click here to view his album


Essentials of Run Mechanics

Check out Bobby McGee's essentials of run mechanics here  & more on cadence here 

Tri training hazards in Darwin

Broken glass

Nest protecting plovers

Dogs on the loose

Broken glass

Non functioning water bubblers

Monitor lizards

Broken glass

Long grassers asleep on the bike path

Aggressive Darwin Bus drivers

Broken glass


Road trains

Broken glass


Low flying bush turkeys

Broken glass

Flocks of cockatoos

Dry season burn off smoke

Broken glass


Sandflies (Midgees)

Broken glass


Intoxicated long grassers

Broken glass

Seriously ....

 We hope you aren't taking cycling as seriously as this YouTube shows !

Different swim techniques

Different swim techniques are explained in this interesting YouTube (also by Gary Hall Snr) To view click here 

What do you do with your hands when you swim?

This is a good YouTube by Gary Hall Snr on what to do with your hands while swimming.  I've heard Daz explaining this to many of you, so this visual may also help.  Click here to view

Derek's Open Water Tri Photos

Derek being out of action is our gain ... he was out taking happy snaps at the Open Water Tri (4 Sept 2011).  You can check them out here

Drafting & how to pass explained

This is an excellent YouTube video detailing drafting rules and how to pass.  It's from USA so you will just have to think opposite sides of the road while watching it. 

The Spirit of Ironman (Kona 2010)

Ever wondered what happens at the finish line as the clock ticks down to cut off.  This YouTube takes you to that moment at Kona in 2010

Efficient Swimming

Here's some swim tips from Dave Scott on YouTube for you to think about next time you are at the pool.  

Racing Tips 

Click here for 10 racing tips with a very different delivery method

Making Your Own Energy Gel

Daz was tired of spending up to $20 a ride in gels while Ironman training, so did some research.  The result ... an ideal substitute.  Recipe here 

Katherine Ultra Challenge

Daryl has a wealth of experience in this 100km multrisport event.  A four time individual competitor, he has also prepared winners Ian (2007, 2008), Nikki (2007, 2008), Luke (2010) and Derek (2011).  

A must do Territory event if you are into multisport.  Team option available. Further information here 

What bike seat is right for you?

Often a mystery solved only by trial and error, this YouTube may help take some of the mystery out of choosing a saddle.

2010 Ironman World Championships

Soak up the atmosphere from Kona here.  It's an inspirational watch if making it to Hawaii Ironman is one of your dreams.

Open Water swim tips

Gatorade UK produced this interesting YouTube on open water swimming tips. 

Nuisance dogs

If you have been attacked, chased or bitten by a dog while out riding or running we strongly suggest that you report it.  See link for information on how to report a nuisance dog in the Darwin area.  

Ever wondered about those slippers in your hotel room?

They are fantastic to use on race morning ... and are ideal for keeping your tootsie's clean if you line up for portaloo use (and we all know what they are like on race morning) !

Getting into your wetsuit

This Rasmus Henning YouTube gives you an alternate way to get into your  wetsuit.  No plastic bags required !

1989 Ironman

In 1989, six time IM champion  Dave Scott, & Mark Allen went head to head at Kona and inspired a whole new generation of Ironman athletes.  Watch their story here.  

Bike Maintenance

With thanks to Aaron and the crew at CycleZone (Cavanagh St, Darwin opp GPO) ... here's the info on how to clean your bike .  

We were lucky enough to have Aaron give a practical demonstration recently and those who attended all now have sparkling clean bikes (or should have).

Thanks CycleZone.

What does it take?

Seeking motivation? This
YouTube may be just the thing.

The 2008 Lost Sheep Triathlon

Nikki & Ian were in the field in Kenmare, Ireland.  I've just located this YouTube  video of the event.

Tour de Timor

Can you spot any familiar faces in this Tour de Timor video 

Can't pee on the bike?

If peeing on the bike is one of those skills you just can't master ... this little number may be the answer.

Tackling the bike course
For an interesting article which encourages you to think like a truck to get more out of your bike leg .... 

Want to do something else in your Tony Abbotts ??
This video shows there are other things to do in your budgie smugglers besides swimming.  There's a familiar face featured as well ... can you spot Ryoko?  ... Click here

Packing your bike in a bike box

Vincent has recently completed a "how to" of his brilliant method of packing his bike in a Qantas bike box.

He is happy to share it with us.  Click here

Transition Technique
This is probably more a how not to transition from swim to bike, but they are supposed to be pros & you can learn a lot just by watching.

Running Technique

Here's a video on running technique that you may find interesting to watch.

Race Reports
Let's hope your race reports don't ever sound like this hilarious send up .... the worry is we all know people like this.

Mr Smooth - freestyle animation
To see Mr Smooth swimmer in action click here

Sports Psychologist - Scott Bevis

Scott has been practicing as a psychologist in the Northern Territory since 2002.  He has a strong interest in performance enhancement and is well versed in the management of performance anxiety, motivation & goal setting, pain management, mood management.  Scott’s practice is based in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and he also offers clinical hypnosis. 


Scott is currently in private practice and is available for consultations. He is a registered provider with most private health funds.  For enquiries or appointments please call 0400 162 339 or email